Today’s Headlines

  • More on BART Bond (SFChron)
  • San Francisco and Berkeley Create Smart City Pitch Video (Berkeley News)
  • Golden Gate Ferry Project to Improve Loading Speeds (SFExaminer)
  • Challenges for Warriors Arena (Socketsite)
  • Man Struck by Vehicle in Tenderloin (SFChron)
  • Second Pedestrian Killed in San Rafael Crosswalk (MarinIJ)
  • Officials Learn that Buses Stuck in Traffic Do Not Lure People from Cars (KQED)
  • High-Speed Rail Builds onto Mass Murder Site (SFGate)
  • Editorial: Brown Proposal Streamlines Housing (MarinIJ)
  • A Look at North Beach Festival This Weekend (Hoodline)
  • Exploring Duncan & Castro Park (Hoodline)

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  • Henry

    Planning Department to present results from last year’s Pavement to Parks Public Life study today at noon. Refreshments provided.

  • voltairesmistress

    Gosh, your headline from the KQED story nearly says it all, doesn’t it? “Busses stuck in traffic do not lure people from cars.” But here’s what is not true: “Officials learn that”. Instead, Golden Gate Transit officials and others keep chasing the tails of the horses on the merry-go-round, thinking if they just tinker with electronic tolling or adding a car lane to the Richmond Bridge, customers will flock to transit. Most disheartening that they and others throughout the Bay Area refuse to advocate for what will work: separate, dedicated transit lanes that speed riders past car drivers stuck in traffic.

  • RichardC

    Your headline “Editorial: Brown Proposal Right to Streamline Housing” isn’t actually what the Marin IJ editorial says – it argues that Brown’s proposal goes too far in limiting public input on individual development projects.

  • mx

    It’s apparently Streetsblog editorial style to “correct” wrong opinions in this way.

  • RichLL

    Depends how you read it. I read the article as broadly supporting Brown’s goal of reducing the backlog and obstacles that many municipalities place in the way of building the homes that almost everyone agrees need to be built.

    As for the editorial policy at SF.SB, I’d say it has improved markedly since roger took over.

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