Today’s Headlines

  • Two Cyclists Killed in Separate Incidents (Hoodline, NBCBayArea, SFGate)
  • More on Mission Street Red Carpet Lanes (SFExaminer)
  • Comparing BART and the Nations Rail Systems (Marketplace)
  • Adjustment in the SF Housing Market? (SFChron)
  • Housing Prices Peak (SFBay)
  • Possible In Law Unit Ballot Measure? (Socketsite)
  • Forum Talks Transit and Traffic in Marin (KQED)
  • Seven Year Sentence for DUI Murders (SFGate)
  • Bill to Authorize High Speed Rail Bond Sale for Caltrain Upgrades (KCRA)
  • Editorial: Don’t Reroute Caltrain Transbay Extension (SFExaminer)

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  • Congratulations San Francisco Motorists! Yesterday evening you killed two bicyclists in two separate incidents, both hit and runs no less! Great work towards the city’s goal of making life for pedestrians and bicyclists so dangerous and miserable that everyone will be forced to encase themselves in pollution-spewing steel in order to get around. The next step will be to somehow blame the cyclists for your red-light running (7th and Howard) and your speeding (50 – 60 mph on JFK in Golden Gate Park.) This may seem a difficult task, but I’m sure someone will manage it. Very clever of the city to adopt a Vision Zero policy to reduce deaths while actually facilitating and encouraging motorist mayhem at every turn. I personally witnessed two incidents just yesterday of reckless driving that might’ve gotten someone killed. With a little more effort, no doubt pedestrians and bicyclists can be terrorized off our city streets entirely.

  • the_greasybear

    Tomorrow night’s Critical Mass (6 p.m., Justin Herman Plaza at the foot of Market Street) should make a point of riding past the scenes of these two horrific crimes.

  • gneiss

    Don’t forget the numerous, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed…” speeches without and concrete proposals to change anything that we are going to get from our impotent political leaders. Sounds achingly familiar to the other kind of violence we experience in this country.

  • Chris J.

    So sad and hard to comprehend. What’s also tragic and scary about these two incidents is that it doesn’t sound like the bicyclists could have done anything to avoid them. They were the victims of grossly negligent drivers and happened to be in their way. We need to create a culture of slowing down and reducing speeds.

  • michmill

    Yep, see Jane Kim’s tweet. She’s the supe for the most dangerous district (SOMA) where bike lanes only get installed after deaths.

  • thielges

    This is the result of safety policy guided by majority opinion.

    Cyclist killed by reckless motorist ? That’s just business as usual. And why was that bicyclist on the street anyways when they could be riding on a recreational trail?

    Motorist miffed by reckless cyclist? Bring out the lynch mob! Set up a sting at the Wiggle or at a Woodside stop sign and ticket ’em by the dozens.

  • p_chazz

    As more people use bicycles, mortality will increase commensurately.

  • murphstahoe

    Patently false. Each person who uses a bicycle instead of a car is substantially less likely to cause a fatality.

  • kevin

    The Netherlands must be covered in carnage.

  • Prinzrob

    Yet another bike rider was killed this morning, this time at a known problem intersection in Pleasanton:

  • voltairesmistress

    Is there a group or coalition of groups yet working to limit auto speed or use of Golden Gate Park’s roads? One cannot walk alongside the main drives during morning or evening commute times without the unpleasantness of heavy traffic, much of it speeding. Now we see how dangerous, not just noxious, this type of car use of the park is. What if we reduced speed limits to 15 mph and put in numerous speed humps and speed cameras? Wouldn’t those measures take away the incentive for drivers using the Park as a cut through? It would still allow people to slowly drive through the Park for enjoyment of the scenery without being hassled by impatient drivers. And most importantly, it would make things much safer and more pleasant for walkers and riders. Golden Gate Park seems like a much easier place, politically speaking, to institute traffic restrictions.

  • murphstahoe

    Speed humps no. Not good for cyclists – spoken as someone who took a major endo over a speed hump. GGP has a lot of bike commute traffic through it in the dark. Lights sure, but they don’t pick up humps until it might be too late.

    Just k-rail or bollard chunks of the various roadways, making it mostly cul-de-sacs., leaving pass through for bikes. This even retains the sacred ability to park your car in the park, but prevents it from being a pass through.

  • The gentle speed humps on Noe in the Duboce Triangle are great. I can’t imagine they would cause problems for bicyclists even in the dark, but they do cut car speeds down considerably. Also possible to insist on adequate lighting in GG Park for bicyclists. (Could use down directed LED lights that don’t create light pollution.)

  • Michelle Sykes
  • Andy Chow

    At least in the Golden Gate Park the car was stolen (therefore intention to drive fast, make illegal lane change that resulted in collision, and leave collision scene). So yes there is a safety issue at large but it is not fair to imply that most car drivers are car thieves.

  • Annettejhardin
  • As more people steal cars, mortality will increase commensurately.