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  • Gunman Attempts to Hijack Muni Bus (SFExaminer)
  • Police Body Cams Raise New Questions in BART Arrest (SFExaminer)
  • Police Cracking Down on Speeders in Golden Gate Park (Hoodline)
  • Haight Hates Infrastructure Work (Hoodline)
  • Supervisors Approve Huge Mission District Housing Complex (SFChron, SFExaminer)
  • SF Homes are Shrinking (SFGate)
  • And More on Sinking Millennium Tower (SFGate, Curbed)
  • Condo Price Index Dropping (Socketsite)
  • Who Will Pay for Bad Sidewalks in San Carlos? (DailyJournal)
  • Not all Development Needs Parking (BizTimes)
  • Cyclist Killed During ‘Tour de Fuzz’ Identified (SFBay)
  • Commentary: East Bay Times Hates on BART Bond (EastBayTimes)

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  • RichLL

    The piece on Suyama suggests there was no impact but rather Suyama “lost control” as Rudin passed.

    “Rudin began to pass the truck over broken yellow lines as Suyama and Dean approached. The CHP is investigating how or if Rudin’s Chevrolet hit Suyama’s bicycle, but Suyama lost control as the truck passed and she fell onto the roadway.”

    Since it’s legal to cross broken yellow lines to pass then, if there was also no impact, it’s confusing how this accident happened. Nor clear what law Rudin broke.

    The argument could be mounted that Suyama was frightened and over-reacted, thereby falling off her bike. But can a driver be blamed for that if he did nothing else wrong?

  • The SFMTA will hold a hearing on adding 10 street humps in GG Park this Friday at 10 am. If you can’t attend, you can send a comment to In my email, I also put in a pitch to make GG Park a one-way loop to discourage drivers who use the park as a cut through (would cut traffic in the park by 75%), and low-fee metered parking on all GG Park streets east of Crossover drive.

  • RichLL

    Karen, the vehicular routes through GGP exist for the purpose of allowing through traffic. This is fair since GGP is so large that banning through-traffic would cause considerable detours and move congestion to residential areas.

    State Highway One and JFK Drive, in particular, are crucial vehicular conduits and I doubt that the city even has full jurisdiction over the kind of change you propose.

    I’d also point out that many safety advocates do not like one-way roads as they believe that they encourage speeding. I don’t buy that argument myself but you should be aware that you may not even have support for that from those whom you otherwise believe to be your natural allies.

  • SF Guest

    While installing parking meters wouldn’t impact my wallet regardless of the rate in GGP the idea of having parking meters lined up in a row is simply repulsive from an aesthetics POV.

  • als

    Or the argument could be “mounted” that Rudin made a bad pass, did not allow for on coming traffic, crossed the broken yellow line in a dangerous and aggressive fashion breaking the law, that the driver realizing his / her errors then over-reacted and in doing so caused the bicycle rider to fall.

    You really need to present both sides of a fantasy argument if you want people to consider any of your fantasies.

  • RichLL

    Both sides were presented. SFSB presented one side, as it always does, and I provided balance, context and a broader perspective.

    Again, crossing a broken center line to pass is perfectly legal and, apparently, there was no impact.

    So did the cyclist fall or was she pushed? Absent impact, this potential juror’s view is that perhaps she was a very nervous cyclist, pre-disposed to over-reaction, and that this tragedy resulted from an abnormal reaction to a fairly normal pass manoeuvre.

    That said, I’d be interested in evidence to the contrary. Do you have any?

  • gneiss

    Metered parking ≠ parking meters. You haven’t spent much time in the Presidio, have you?

  • SF Guest

    The Presidio was my favorite place to ride a bike until a driver opened her parked car door in front of me.

  • dat

    Of course that’s your view. Your view is consistently that anyone on a bike is always wrong. Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Exactly. Metered parking doesn’t have to be aesthetically-displeasing in the least. Actually, since cars are pretty ugly, a car-free GG Park would be the most aesthetic option, but unlikely to be achieved in 2016.

  • thielges

    Kind of hard to believe that the driver executed a safe pass given that he sideswiped and knocked the guy riding ahead off of his bike. Hopefully the investigation will reveal what occurred but from what has been reported it looks like Rudin made a very unsafe pass.

    “At first, Dean said, he thought the driver, Courtney Rudin, 72 of Healdsburg, would fall back because there didn’t appear to be enough room to get by.

    But Dean said Rudin accelerated instead, sideswiping him near the shoulder of the road and knocking him off his bike. Suyama was struck either by the truck or by Dean and his bicycle, and thrown to the ground, he said.”

  • @SF Guest – It’s time to revisit the Golden Gate Park Master Plan, a document assembled from years and years of citizen participation. Supposedly parking was to be removed entirely, in exchange for letting a public/private partnership put a parking garage in our public property (from which they have only privately benefited).

  • murphstahoe

    riding in the door zone tsk tsk.

  • Corvus Corax

    And THAT was enough to make you stop biking in the Presidio? Do you not bike ANYWHERE in SF then?

  • RichLL

    That’s your contrary evidence? The driver is innocent until proven guilty. If there was no impact then you need some other evidence, and you do not appear to have any.

    If the driver had hit the cyclist the I’d agree it was the driver’s fault. So I don’t “always” think the cyclist is wrong. In fact you always assume the driver is at fault, like here, even when you have no evidence.

  • RichLL

    But Dean wasn’t the cyclist who was killed. So the fact that Rudin may have hit Dean is not evidence for the claim that Rodin killed Suyama.

    And if Rudin didn’t hit Suyama then how did she die? Did she fall off her bike out of shock and bang her head? Was she wearing a helmet?

    Also how far to the left were these cyclists riding? Although some cyclists claim it is safer to keep left, this accident is a classic example of that that might be very bad advice.

    We’re missing some key facts here.

  • thielges

    Rich – I was countering your statement “But can a driver be blamed for that if he did nothing else wrong?”. Surely even you will agree that passing in a way that results in a collision is wrong. Rudin misjudged and should have waited for a safer moment to begin the pass.

    Also if you read the article you may find some other key facts you are missing.

  • murphstahoe

    He’s just trying to bait me.

  • als

    To quote you “The argument could be mounted that Suyama ” – you are not presenting any “evidence” nor do you appear to be using any evidence, nor is there any “evidence” available that I’ve seen you or others offer. You are presenting fantasy, you are arguing your own fantasy, and yet you call out others as incorrect when they reply using fantasy.

  • SF Guest

    I ended up with a bent fork with the wheel touching the frame. It was traumatic enough to make me retire from biking anywhere in SF, but I remain open to biking outside of SF.

  • RichLL

    The article stated that Suyama “lost control”. While a cyclist that was hit by a car would of course lose control, that is a funny way of expressing an impact, and rather implies that there wasn’t an impact.

    In which case, why did she lose control? And why did she die? We’re missing some key facts here.

    But yes, in general, drivers and cyclists should pass safely. I just want to be certain that this driver didn’t do that ib respect of Suyama.

  • RichLL

    No, I was showing the inconsistencies in this story. The article clearly suggests that Suyama was not struck by the driver. So why is she dead?

  • thielges

    Oh for crying out loud Rich, we’re talking about the bicyclist who reported being sideswiped and knocked off of his bike, not Suyama. You’re just being willfully obtuse.

    This is how you have earned the reputation of being a biased time waster.

  • RichLL

    Oh for crying out loud thielges, we’re talking about the bicyclist who died.

    Just because a driver hits A, does not imply that he is responsible for the death of B

  • Corvus Corax

    Ouch! I hope you weren’t hurt and that you got the driver to pay for the repairs. I’ve had many close calls but only once actually hit a suddenly-flung-open door back when Valencia St had no bike lanes. Nowadays I just don’t ride in the door-zone. And I do a lot of yelling at the morons who fling their doors open without checking first. It’s not likely that yelling will get them to alter their behavior, but saying nothing certainly will not.

  • RichLL

    Not driving in the door zone implies riding more to the left. I do not doubt that you think that makes you feel safer. But aren’t you really exchanging a lower risk of a low-speed, low-impact accident for a higher risk of a high-speed, high-impact accident?

    I refer you specifically to the cyclist death discussed here where a cyclist found themselves in the path of a passing vehicle coming the other way, where keeping further right might have saved her life.

    How do you assess those respective risks?

  • thielges

    Any reasonable person can read this subthread 7 messages back and see that I challenged your assertion that Rudin did nothing wrong with Dean’s statement that he was sideswiped. Now you’re blowing smoke and conflating my challenge with other claims about this tragic case.

    At this point I am signing off of this thread and leaving it as evidence of your insincere manipulative tactics. You should be ashamed.

  • RichLL

    I never said that Rudin did “nothing wrong” in respect of Dean. I concede that is possible if it is true that Rudin hit Dean.

    But nobody here has presented clear evidence that Rudin hit the woman who is now dead. Instead the citation indicates that she “lost control”.

  • als

    Why is she dead? In your fantasy simply because she was doing something other than driving a car. Dude, you have said you write these replies at work? Does your employer know?

  • RichLL

    als, do you or do you not have am official cause of death?

  • Rain__or__Shine

    The initial impact with the door is not necessarily the only danger that comes with being doored. You can also be thrown in front of a car that is traveling on your left.

    The same is true even if you manage to avoid the contact with the door – you may swerve into (or in front of) a car that is to your left.

  • murphstahoe

    His employer is Streetsblog, he’s paid by the click.

  • murphstahoe

    yet you allow him to waste your time

  • RichLL

    I was not suggesting that being doored is either risk-free or pleasant. I was merely suggesting that the alternative may be worse.

    Because a door moves slowly and an oncoming vehicle does not.

    It’s the same dilemma when driving. Given the choice, I’d rather hit something that doesn’t move over something that does.

  • Made ya look!

  • Rain__or__Shine

    If you’d like an on-street lesson is safe riding and road position, meet me at the corner of 3rd and Bryant at 5:30 today (or any day this week) with a bike. We can ride to GGP. I’ll show you why experienced urban cyclists universally recommend riding outside the door zone.

    It’s absolutely tragic that a cyclist was hit head-on by a car traveling in the wrong lane. But on a day-to-day basis, that is not the primary hazard that I face. I could be doored several times a week if I rode in the door zone. I can’t remember the last time I had a close call with an oncoming vehicle traveling quickly in the wrong lane.

    It’s not just the consequences of the various risks, it’s the likelihood of the risks as well. And, given that I’ve already explained that the relatively likely event of getting doored also comes with the serious risk of getting run over from behind, I stay out of the door zone.

    This is the end of the online discussion for me. Hope to see you this evening at 3rd and Bryant though.

  • SF Guest

    Fortunately I sustained no injuries other than the wind taken out of me. Unfortunately I didn’t notice the bent fork until after I caught my breath and the driver and I parted ways. The bike was basically toast due to the bent fork.

  • Corvus Corax

    Well, I am glad that you were not hurt, but if something like this happens to any cyclist, demand that the driver provide you with his license and proof of insurance. And if they won’t, immediately call the police and report them as a hit-and-run. Take photos of the car, the driver, the car’s license plate. And if they are local, consider Small Claims Court. I filed a claim against one egregiously nasty driver, got invited to appear on tv on Judge Mathis. It was very satisfying to hear the defendant being read the riot act by the judge, and later get a check in the mail for the repairs AND pain and suffering.

  • SF Guest

    Sound advice! It was my fault for not recognizing and assessing the damage to the bike. The motorist did appear genuinely concerned she didn’t cause an injury.

  • Hey, I got there late, you must have already taken off.

    I got caught up in traffic caused by cyclists not riding as far right as practicable.

    I am very interested in learning more about why you are wrong about where you should ride your bike for safety when someone is driving on the wrong side of the road.