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  • Re: L-Taraval changes

    Please. Enough already. I ride the L train daily from the outer Sunset to downtown. Removal of stops is critical to speed up service along the surface portion of the route. In fact, there should only be half the number of surface stops that there currently are. In addition, these stops should have protected boarding islands.

    I completely understand that the elderly and handicapped would like to keep the stops. I also understand that merchants are wary of losing business if parking spots are removed to make room for boarding islands.

    I’ll start with the second point: There is plenty of off street parking on side streets off the commercial stretches of Taraval. Ocean Avenue is far more commercial than Taraval and lost more parking spots during its overhaul than Taraval will under the current proposal, yet Ocean remains thriving. People will adapt to the removal of parking. Businesses will continue. No need to panic.

    Back to the first point. There is a compromise in all this. For the most part, people who support the removal of stops want a faster commute to/from downtown. I can’t blame them. I’m part of that group. My suggestion is thus: run a limited/express train during weekday peak commute hours along the surface line, supplemented by local bus service on Taraval. The latter can be a new designated route (like the 55-16th St.) or an extension of the 48 or 17 (the latter will not require additional drivers, just a tweak of existing service route during peak). Resume normal train operations off-peak and on weekends.

    Problems solved.

  • Please tell me Rose Pak had time to tell us what changes are acceptable for the L-Taraval!

  • zippy_monster

    You probably mean Albert Chow. He’s the one calling the shots and pulling down any dissenting flyers.

  • Nah, my facetious comment was about Rose, RIP. But heck, as long as they support our position, outsiders are welcome.

  • Why are they blaming poor decisions and low-skilled mistakes on people playing Pokemon?

    It is easy to see that you can’t make an accusation that a driver is at
    fault from “there were over 113,000 social media messages in 10 days
    last July that showed people getting into potentially unsafe traffic situations while trying to catch cute virtual monsters.”

    A tweet doesn’t mean someone is being unsafe. Even if playing Pokemon, a skilled driver would have no problems maintaining control and safety.

    And if an accident were to occur, one would assume cyclists and pedestrians were making poor decisions or losing control for unknown but obviously unrelated reasons.