Today’s Headlines

  • Polk and Van Ness BRT and Bike Lane Projects Coming (SFGate)
  • More on Van Ness Street Lamp Preservation (SFExaminer, Curbed)
  • Embarcadero at Risk from Sea Level Rise (SFGate, SFExaminer)
  • Despite Sinking, Millennium Tower is Safe, Say Engineers (SFGate)
  • Rents Dropping? (Curbed)
  • Costs Rising for Hunters Point Cleanup and Development (SFExaminer)
  • More on SF Eyeing Brisbane for Living Space (MercNews)
  • Bay Area Cost of Living Still Astounding (CBSLocal)
  • More on Worst Spots for Bay Area Traffic (KQED)
  • SMART Quiet Zone Questions (MarinIJ)
  • SMART Rail Blocks Freight Carrier from its Tracks (MarinIJ)
  • Commentary: Hayward Parks Bond Too High (EastBayTimes)

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  • Rogue Cyclist
  • Wow. The dead body was blamed for wearing black clothes, resulting in it not being discovered.

  • xplosneer

    Hit at midnight, not found until 7am.
    This could’ve been me – I ride west over 880 in Hayward before sunrise.
    Beyond furious and shaken.

    None of the freeway overcrossings/undercrossings have bike lanes in Hayward, and there’s only a single ped bridge over 880. The Winton class III is a joke and is terrifying in the afternoon much less at night.

  • xplosneer

    Read my comments on the park bond at East Bay Times. I found their opinion ridiculous.

  • Jimbo

    the Van Ness BRT is a ridiculous waster of money, will increase congestion, pollution, rmove trees, and remove iconic street lights. Its a dissaster for the environment as well as for the feel of the city. oh and it saves 2 minutes for buses while increasing 10 mins for cars. id rather it take 2 minutes longer and have a nice view of trees and street lamps. all this new transport should be UNDERGROUND

  • dat

    You’re not even trying anymore dude. Hang it up.

  • dat

    The comments in the SFHate article about the BRT are hilarious. “War on Cars”, “Nightmare”, all the usual chicken little hyperbole. We should make a bingo card with them they’re so predictable.

  • xplosneer

    Are you, specifically, willing to pay to put this transportation underground?

  • voltairesmistress

    Jimbo, You are as predictable as you are tiresome.

  • p_chazz

    Likewise, I’m sure.

  • Jimbo

    yes, im willing to pay mroe taxes.

  • RichLL

    roymeo, are you telling us that you can see a black object at night that isn’t moving?

    If so, you should donate your eyeballs to medical science

  • Dexter Wong

    In the City’s history, there have been three ballot measures on building a subway and all have failed (unfortunately). Only BART got the City to do something. Now there is talk of eventual expansion of light rail lines, but you act as if building a subway is easy and cheap (which is neither).