Today’s Headlines

  • Half of All SF Injuries from Car Crashes (SFExaminer)
  • Charges Filed in BART Station Assault (SFChron)
  • BART Rejects Underwear Ad (SFExaminer, SFGate)
  • It Seems BART Needs More Janitors (SFGate, MercuryNews)
  • Bay Area Commutes Worse than LA (EastBayTimes)
  • Oakland’s Awful Pavement (SFGate)
  • More on the Market Street Mood Meter (Hoodline)
  • Bike East Bay Demands Caltrans Fix Deadly 880 Interchange (SFBay)
  • Some SF Rent Cuts (Curbed)
  • Light Rail on Highway 85? (EastBayTimes)
  • Not Enough Bike Parking for Sonoma Marin Train? (MarinIJ)
  • Commentary: Glazer is a BART Bond Concern Troll (EastBayTimes)

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  • Jeffrey Baker

    The BART janitor thing is a real indictment of BART management. I hold nothing against the individual who worked all those hours, but management essentially got the work of 2 people for the price of 3. They should be ashamed.

  • gneiss

    The big take away from the Examiner article is that SF continues to be a dangerous place for people who are just walking around on our streets. In addition, the medical costs of traffic collisions account for a disproportionate amount of social spending that amounts to a huge subsidy to people who drive.

    The other thing that we recognize is that current medical liability coverage is woefully inadequate. Currently, CA has the minimum bodily injury liability coverage level at $15,000/person, $30,000/collision. If the average amount of the care required is $25,000, that’s a gap of at least $10,000 per person. This needs to change.

  • RichLL

    Agreed but the reason it makes more sense to have one person do the work of two is that the cost of benefits at BART (and elsewhere in the public sector) is extremely high. So it can be cost-effective to pay out more in overtime pay and save on the cost of those gold-plated benefits.

    It still comes down to BART management, however. They need to grow a spine and slap the unions down during the next contract talks. And that in turn requires strikes to be made illegal.

  • RichLL

    I assume that 25K cost is the amount by which SFGH is out-of-pocket i.e. that cannot be reclaimed from insurance or from the patient.

    If instead it is the gross cost before reimbursement, then the actual net cost to the city will be much lower.

  • dat

    “They need to grow a spine and slap the unions down during the next contract talks.”


  • Just making some stuff up here, but clearly “The average cost of treatment per patient was $25,200,” means the cost caused by striping bicycle lanes and removing illegal soft-hit posts or something else which is completely different than what it says.

    I bet at least 80% of those pedestrians were looking at their cellphones. I have innate natural talent and skills honed by years of training. This allows me to walk without looking at my cellphone all the while feeling immensely superior.

  • RE: Bay Area Commutes Worse than LA

    So, 6% of South Bay workers use public transit. A whopping 6%.

  • Jimbo

    LA has wider freeways. We need wider freeways as well to ease congestion here. 101 is too narrow for the throughput

  • Jimbo

    unions should be illegal. total extortionists

  • dat


  • dat

    Re: Half of injuries in SF are from car crashes. Don’t forget about SOLO FALLS! Talk about SOLO FALLS! The Study! This is a great chance to talk about THE STUDY!!! THE STUDY!!!

  • SF Guest

    Banning unions is unconstitutional. Strikes should be illegal.

  • Google “wider freeways” and you’ll find study after study showing that making freeways bigger doesn’t reduce traffic. In many cases, it makes it worse.

    LA has realized that it needs to build more transit in addition to adding capacity on its roads. Sadly, the Bay Area hasn’t seen the light.