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  • Jeffrey Baker

    Sounds like BART has really screwed the pooch on that Warm Springs signal system. Have there been any successful software projects on BART, after its inception? I can think of several failures but no successes.

  • thielges

    It is not just BART. For some reason transit agencies have difficulty succeeding on projects involving electronics and computers. Exhibit A: Clipper.

    Best guess is that the internal funders of the projects are not technology people. They write the requirements and sign off on the bids without understanding the true nature of tech projects which are radically different from the more familiar construction projects.

    The contractors they hire might be competent but are motivated more to satisfy the (flawed) contract with minimum effort than to create a working system. “Well you told us to build it that way. Says right here in section” Cash over correctness.

  • Rogue Cyclist