Today’s Headlines

  • San Francisco Gets $11 Million Transportation Grant (Kron4)
  • Uber “Movement” will Offer Traffic Data (CBSLocal, PittsburghPost)
  • Survey on Panhandle Parking-Protected Bike Lanes (Hoodline)
  • More on Muni NextBus Woes (Curbed, Hoodline)
  • Lucas Museum to Vote on Treasure Island Site (SFGate)
  • Man Dies from Injuries from Falling Between BART Cars (EastBayTimes)
  • Man Slashed at Civic Center BART (Hoodline)
  • Still no Leads in Last Years BART Shooting (EastBayTimes)
  • VTA to Integrate Services with New BART Stations (DailyJournal, SFBay)
  • Counties Step up on Caltrain Electrification (DailyJournal)
  • Bike Storage for Marin Sonoma Train Stations (MarinIJ)
  • No Pants Subway Ride (Hoodline)

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  • thielges

    A couple of more notes on the new streetsblog makeover:

    1. some articles seem to be dropped over time. For example I can’t find the article that Roger wrote about being passed too close by a San Diego Uber driver. Which leads to:
    2. The search function does not seem to work. Clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right does nothing.

  • mx

    The disappearance of the “recent comments” sidebar is also a sad loss. It helped everyone see discussions (for better or for worse) that were going on inside older posts.

  • mx

    The NextBus situation is ridiculous. Arrival predictions aren’t a nice-to-have, but directly contribute to my choice of transportation mode. Without them, I have no idea which line to use or which stop to head toward and no clue whether I’ll be waiting three minutes or 45. Given that amount of uncertainly on every trip, and recognizing the privilege associated with having the spare cash to say “yeah, I’m going to opt out of this wait,” it’s far more likely that I’ll choose another way to get where I’m going besides Muni.

    AT&T announced the 2G shutdown five years ago, which should have given SFMTA ample time to prepare, but the agency seems to have been caught entirely unaware and surprised (their default operating mode).

    It is 2017 and absurd that my burrito has GPS tracking while a city bus in the center of the world’s technology hub does not.

  • uniblab_2.0

    a pity we can’t use some of that big grant to fix nextbus or fire them and replace it with something better, but the SFMTA has priorities, yo

  • Corvus Corax

    Totally agree.

  • thielges

    It is yet another symptom of transit agencies not having the technical expertise required to implement information systems. The status quo is to hire contractors who build something , get it working fairly good, sign off the contract, and leave. Later on when something changes like dropping 2G they’re caught by surprise and need to scramble to get it going again. Not blaming Muni: they are a transportation org, not an IT org. But they should accept that fact and perhaps not get too aggressive in the IT realm unless they’ve retained the expertise to keep it working.

    Which is why I was dismayed to see that Caltrain is going solo on producing a smartphone ticketing ap. This sort of thing should be done on a large enough scale to justify the costs to retain someone to maintain it. If not done at the MTC regional level, at least reach out to ACE, Metrolink, Metra, and other similar commuter lines to join forces. One core ap customized with different logos and fare tables.

  • thielges

    update: Roger’s SD Uber story has reappeared. Either that or I was temporarily insane. 🙂

  • frenchie16

    Metrolink, along with the MBTA commuter rail in Boston, and even VTA, contract their ticketing apps from JustRide (

    I’ve used the app in Boston and with a little bit of rebranding it would work just fine on Caltrain. But it doesn’t surprise me at all that Caltrain decided they need to build their own special snowflake of a ticketing app.