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  • Jeffrey Baker

    As a reminder, the invertebrates in the Senate voted 93-6 for Chao, who is now trying to kill CAHSR and Caltrain. Long-time surrender monkey Feinstein and rookie surrender monkey Harris both rubber-stamped this dangerous far-right ideologue.

  • bobfuss

    The six were Chuck Schumer, Cory Brooker, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and both the Senators from Oregon.

    Chao is married to Mitch McConnell, of course, so was always going to get an easy ride.

  • Frank Russell

    Please feel free to share this commentary.

    What follows is a treatise on the failures of the far left progressive platform within the Democratic National Committee. Feel free to share this article and forward to those whom you believe would be interested in its content and commentary. It is on topic and addresses the cabinet hearings, boycotts and political issues that have ensued from the 2016 election, and the apparently controversial new President, Donald J. Trump.

    The anti-Trump boycotts mentioned in several recent leftist-based media articles are ridiculous as much as they are childish and petty attempts from the likes of these so-called “Social Justice Warriors.” And it looks as though these sore losers are getting a dose of their own medicine. Articles are blooming on the Internet as well from pro-Trump Americans planning to boycott companies such as Budweiser, 84 Lumber, Coca Cola, AirBnB, Kia, Tiffany and so on down the list. Liberals don’t have a monopoly on boycotts, conservatives can create lists too, and their great managers of their money unlike their counterparts, just look at what Obama did to our National Debt! Spent more money than all previous presidents combined. So the game is afoot.

    The effete hysteria spread by the liberal media, celebrities and online Social Justice sycophants is nothing more than sour grapes after losing the White House, the Senate, the House and the Supreme Court. And the way they are dealing with these losses is immature, to say the least. The behavior of Congress with sit-ins, filibusters and endless hearings with questions asked that had little to nothing to do with the potential candidate’s would be responsibilities. Essentially liberal democrats have been using these hearings as a bully pulpit to preach their ideology. They are effectively crippling the United States of America by holding up cabinet positions. There is a great amount of chaos and danger in today’s world, so their actions are in effect a threat to our nation’s security.

    President Trump is executing everything he promised during his campaign and Americans made their decision and elected him as their president. Hillary Clinton lost the election due to her incompetence and corruption. She ignored the middle class and even insulted them publicly. Referring to half of Americans as “deplorables”, standing in front of a coal mining state and telling them she was going to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” Even when Bill Clinton tried to spin control her comments, her top aide Huma Aberdeen (the woman married to the pervert Anthony Weiner) put out a statement that Bill had “misspoke.” And repeated the process when Bill spoke out against the disaster of “ObamaCare.” Hillary Clinton lost the election because she spoke only to liberal elites while ignoring the people who make this country work. She preached the ideology of so-called progressivism and all the while believed it was “her turn” at the presidency.

    Americans are not so naïve any more, they’re engaged and paying attention to politics and politicians whereas previous generations of voters had a general trust of those who choose to serve our country in the political realm. Why the stronger effort by Americans in paying closer attention to state and federal politicians instead of just believing what these folks promise, quite simply the level of deception and corruption that has overtaken Washington. And it’s of no help with the new “activist media” programs with CNN, a once respectable news group has now morphed into a far left clone of MSNBC with very little knowledgeable content and instead have swung towards leftist commentary. And some of the material is not only disrespectful but deceitful as well. Progressivism is dangerous and manipulative to the people, a perfect recent example is that for a period of 12 years there was zero climbing in global warming! NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) actually manipulated datasets to show an increase in global warming. They lied for the cause, something not uncommon for the far left. Distortion of facts among these organizations occur for many reasons, to progress an ideology, to garner support and to secure federal funding. Again, Americans need to be more aware and focused on what our government does. Vigilance is important, particularly when we see a vein of progressivism incorporated into our government functionalities after 8 years of a far left administration.

    Globalization with open borders, a weakened military and open disdain for rule of law and law enforcement is a recipe for steps towards a system of anarchy replete with group think and socialist tendencies. The far left like to throw around terms that compare the president to Nazi Germany, when in fact it’s the far left’s ideology that makes more connections to such a society. The ideals of big government, forced inclusiveness and political correctness is an analog for less freedom, not more freedom. Liberal commentators have stated recently in the press that America has “too much democracy” and have gone as far as to suggest that this is part reason for the election of Donald Trump. This is dangerously close to telling the people who is, and isn’t, a proper candidate for the presidency! He met all of the current requirements for eligibility to run for the office, but suggesting that our democracy is too open merely because one doesn’t agree with a candidate’s ideology. Then begs the question, who tells the American people is the right person for them to chose from? Sounds a little like Marxism or at the least the system that is represented in modern day Russia!

    The times are changing, this is for sure, but America is like the Titanic in that it can’t be so radically turned in such a quick manner. Former president Obama’s policies, his “hope and change”, has been too much, too soon. It’s why his “legacy” is virtually lacking and unwinding. It’s caused much chaos in our great nation from his “apology tour”, essentially blowing 2 years of complete control of the government and campaigning for his second term with a lot of talk but little action. Sure, “he got Usama Bin Laden” and pushed a disastrous health care system on Americans that’s hurting the wallets and pocketbooks of the middleclass. From Nancy Pelosi saying “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” to the lead ObamaCare architect stating the system was intentionally designed complicated as the American people are “stupid” and this would get the new system passed. What happened to being able to “keep your own doctor” and the savings everyone would experience? And folks, this is the second phase of the rollout, many analysts have stated that when the third phase kicks in it could be a true disaster to the American healthcare system. A system where the wealthy and those in lower income brackets will get treatment, however the middleclass may find themselves priced out of decent healthcare. Some legacy that is.

    Lastly, the Democratic Party is in disarray not seen since the post Civil War Reconstruction period. Choices such as Ellison, an anti-Semitic Muslim or Brown, a white woman, who stated she would “shut other white people down.” These are some of their first choices for the DNC Chairperson after the disaster of Wasserman-Schultz. At this rate, the 2018 mid-terms could cause the democrats to lose even more seats, and what they so crave in Washington, power. Progressivism, while a wonderful term, is not what they are selling. They are selling out their own party and turning many voters away from their party with this “Rules for Radicals” love affair. This is a failed ideology and not representative of what America is nor what America has always been. A great nation of hard working and forward thinking people. This country would not be the leader of the free world if such ideologies existed at its inception, it would have been a vastly failed state and the freedoms we all know and love, would not exist.

    A quick review of the protests should be mentioned in this discussion. What’s a bit confusing is that when Barack Obama, a community organizer from the Chicago political machine was elected president, there were vast numbers of dissatisfied voters with his election, but conservative voters weren’t out in the streets with signs that included vulgar language. They weren’t out in the streets assaulting folks either. And nope, they weren’t out there destroying public and private property and setting fires. Sure, there were some traditional and peaceful protesters as well. But the crime and violence on display was an embarrassment. There were paid protesters as well. These protests have put a black mark on American politics. Even the rhetoric from an ageing pop star, Madonna, stating she had spent a lot of time thinking about “blowing up the White House!” The hatred and venom being spewed from these protesters was quite simply, disgusting. The behavior was deplorable, the real “basketful of deplorables” was finally found, and they were democrats and anarchists setting fires, burning flags, destroying property and using some of the foulest language right in front of their own, or others, children. I foresee many of these people growing up one day, moving out from their parent’s home after completing their re-education camp, what used to be our universities, but I don’t believe they’ll look back at their actions and find anything to be proud about, most likely they’ll feel shame and self-disappointments. If there are any real educated protesters left from the sixties and seventies, maybe they could get these thugs to understand how to properly, and peacefully protest. Because these sorts of boondoggles are gaining these deplorables very little support for their causes when they start with the thuggish behavior.

    Even Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s good friend and now Mayor of Chicago has shown disdain for the behavior of his fellow Democrats, stating they need “to take a chill pill” and not have any great expectations about winning seats in the 2018 mid-terms! He stated not to expect any quick come back after the party having feel “so low.” Even leadership in the party is disappointed in what they are seeing from their constituents. I, as an Independent voter, feel embarrassed for the party and how they are managing the losses taken in the 2016 elections. Some of what has been said, done and demonstrated after taking such losses is literally cringe-worthy. Just far too much immaturity and lack of respect for our nation and its newly elected populist President. Much of said behavior is truly anti-American and extremely pathetic. If they don’t own up to their own responsibilities and begin making serious, fundamental changes to the radical progressive platform they’ve experimented with over the past 8 years, the party could be damaged for decades to come. I’d encourage all democrats to read Rahm’s recent commentary as there is much sense in it whereas it seems since Clinton’s loss, good sense has been a hard commodity for democrats to garner.

    The condescension, arrogant, and at times ignorant, rants from so-called Network Anchors like Don Lemon or Jake Tapper on CNN, or “Analysts” such as Van Jones, Bill Maher on these far left news shows is absolutely pitiful. Snarky comments, eye-rolling, making faces, over talking guests, interrupting when they don’t agree with their guests. This isn’t news, this isn’t journalism, this is the “talking head” using his or her show as a way to bully their ideals onto their guests. This is absolutely abhorrent and arrogant professionalism, if you can call it that. MSNBC, CNN, NBC are some of the worst and they’re turning their news media into something brings to mind Jerry Springer! Insulting news, is what I’d coin it. Just disgusting and sad to watch, and yet another embarrassing pockmark on American Broadcast Journalism. Example, CNN is currently showing Obama’s vacation videos and gushing over him, how is that relevant to the discussion they were having on the Circuit Court’s decision as to President Trump’s new vetting process for immigrants coming from 7 countries with known ties to terrorists including hosting active training camps in their nations? Can somebody call it for what it is, screwed up priorities! One other note about CNN’s recent “work”, just watched them do a hit piece on KellyAnne Conway but they never mentioned that she was the first woman to run a Presidential Campaign and WON.

    It’s not uncommon that “Social Justice Resistance” members quickly burn through their welcome in the general public during these contentious times, the general public being what the far left refers to as “Middle America”, “The Fly Over States”, “The Heartland” or where the “Deplorables” live. At a shall be unnamed technology company the talk was all about “Pocahontas” being silenced in Congress today and people were celebrating it! Senator Elizabeth Warren has referred to herself as having Native American Status; she claims to be Cherokee, but there is no real proof outside of a third-hand claim that she may, or may not be, 1/32 Cherokee. Many may recall Trump’s reference to her as “Pocahontas” during the election. We have full quarter, documented, Cherokee in our family and there’s been plenty of laughter concerning Ms. Warren’s claim, but it helps to bring in votes. Point is, her actions in Congress today finally got old and she was asked to put a cork in it. What’s interesting is that these stunts the Democrats are pulling in Congress are starting to wear out the welcome by many in the general public! It’s getting old and tiring. From Schumer’s fake tears to Warren’s story time, all they are managing to do is to frustrate the voting public who will surely remember this circus. Literally, there was applause when the story of Warren’s being silenced broke. We have a cabinet that everyone knows will ultimately be seated yet the “resistance” continues to bog down the progress of government, while millions of Americans simply watch the far left go off the rails and do everything except getting anything done. It’s all political jockeying! This is the very reason Donald Trump was elected. The Democrats appear as lemmings, hysterical and upset charging over the cliff without any regard to their political future. A much more engaged and attentive public will certainly remember all of this come mid-terms in 2018 as well as the elections in 2020. It’s a similar mentality to that exhibited in the riots such as those that took place in Ferguson, instead of doing something productive, the citizens burned and destroyed their own city, including the CVS that so many elderly folks depended upon. This is what the progressive far left is doing to their own political party, it’s certainly NOT “ginning up the base.” It’s turning Americans off just as in years before which led to the rise of Donald Trump. If they keep up their “good work” they’ll no doubt insure him of a two term presidency and likely lose even more seats in the Senate and the House!

    One thing’s for sure, President Trump was not presented with the traditional peaceful transfer of power which is shameful for those involved. Nor have the press and media blessed Trump with the “First 100 Days Honeymoon period”, while it could be said that President Obama’s “honeymoon period” never ended. Congress is stalling his cabinet appointments and for what purpose, they have their rants, tantrums and fake tears but in the end Trump’s cabinet will be approved and voted in. Thanks to democrat Harry Reid for your “nuclear option” you snuck in with some of your legislation back in 2013 when you wanted shorten vote totals for your own use, it came back to haunt you and was used to get Betsy DeVos confirmed. Speaking of such, it was announced today that a drug dealer that Obama had commuted his sentence, sending him free, well he was arrested for dealing cocaine again. I wonder how many of these prisoners that Obama set free will go back to their old skill sets after completing their Master’s in criminal activity and how many Americans will be victimized by these criminals

    We can discuss the failed Iran deal, the support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, also known as ISIS’s home, “sanctuary cities”, “wealth redistribution” and the other disasters of the past 8 years but what’s the point, we have much work to do, much recovery to perform and we need to start now. It’s what Americans are good at! It’s time for our two party system to reach across the aisles, roll up their sleeves and start working FOR America as used to be the case before the lure of lobbyist money and corruption slipped into the halls of our Congress!!

    God Bless America.