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  • gneiss

    I am continually amazed at how tone deaf our supervisors are when they tell us that they “need” a free parking space in order to do their jobs. For crying out loud, is it not enough that they can write this benefit off on their taxes? They need it to be fully subsidized by the city as well? And the contention that the city is not “family friendly” because it doesn’t provide enough free parking is a persistent pernicious myth that does nothing to help all those families in the city that don’t have cars, or have cars that are impoverishing them. What it does is say that they are too stupid or poor to live here. That they only way “real” people get around is by car.

    This city is 7 miles by 7 miles wide. We have car share, buses, trains, taxis, bicycle lanes, and endless miles of sidewalks and yet, our supervisors still insist that the only way they can manage their lives, is by private motorcar. Instead of complaining about the lack of a perk, why not figure out how to make all the other modes rather than private car better so they actually works for your family?

  • thielges

    A Sup’s salary, like almost every other salary, should support what it takes to live in the area, including transportation. The decision of which mode(s) of transportation to use should be at the discretion of the employee. Bundling parking in with the job biases that decision towards driving a car.

    Just as the city has required new apartment and condo developments to unbundle parking from residence, the same should continue to be done with employment+parking. Sups should continue to have a choice of whether or not they take the reserved City Hall parking option. But it shouldn’t be bundled free with the job because that sets a really bad precedent that is inconsistent with planning policies.

    It sounds like this supervisor is just trying to get a de facto $3000 raise under the guise of being a family man. “Think of the children”, ya know. It is a natural reaction of people who’ve lived a suburban lifestyle to be shocked at the thought that parking is not free.

  • Martijn
  • Jimbo

    i think we can all agree that the BRT on geary is a waste of money and time for very little if any gain