Today’s Headlines

  • SF Traffic Worst in World? (SFChron)
  • SF Rents Highest (SFGate, Curbed)
  • 19 High Rises Under Construction in SF (Curbed)
  • More on Google Buses (KQED)
  • Street Art on Caltrain (SFWeekly)
  • Person Struck by Caltrain (SFChron, Kron4)
  • Mackenzie Elected Chair of MTC (MassTransit)
  • Fremont Red Light Camera Snafu (EastBayTimes)
  • Bike Lanes for Shoreline Highway (MarinIJ)
  • Commentary: Google Bus Will Stay (SFChron)
  • Commentary: Shameful Politics Halted Caltrain Electrification (SFChron)

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  • xplosneer

    “The new law required that the length of yellow lights be determined by the actual speed of traffic noted in surveys, not the posted speed.”

    A sad state of affairs.

  • thielges

    SF traffic 4th worst? No way. There are many cities with far worse traffic that didn’t even make the list. There’s not a single Indian or Chinese city on the list and that’s a third of the world right there.

  • SF_Abe

    Re: “SF Traffic Worst in World?”

    You misspelled “drivers”

  • Jimbo

    what a joke. seriously, SF ranked higher than sao paulo,. ive lived there. its not remotely comparable. i would say any city in the world with a population over 5M people has worse traffic that SF. one thing about those 25 citites. All of the other 24 have better public transit than SF. our public transit is a horrible