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  • Jeffrey Baker

    I don’t see how BART is going to double the number of exits at Warm Springs unless local transit connections are dramatically improved, or construction of places near the station is greatly accelerated. The parking lot is full as it stands, and without anything of interest in walking or (normal) biking distance that’s going to put a cap on ridership.

  • re: Warm Springs BART station reviews
    BART should figure out how many of the Warm Springs boardings are former Fremont station boardings. I’m sure many folks driving up from the south bay are using the new station versus Fremont.

  • It’s just a huge commuter rail station in a sea of parking. As I mentioned in my comment I’m sure the majority of people using the new station used to get on at the Fremont station. Also remember that the SFO-Millbrae extension is still way short of what the ridership projections were 15 years ago. The problem with BART is that the focus continues to be on suburban expansion instead of the denser core areas where demand already exists and where there is hope that fewer people are reliant on a car. When you build commuter rail stations you’re enabling the car culture since the majority of people will have to drive to the station. Caltrain is somewhat unique in that it’s a commuter rail system, but it follows a somewhat densely populated corridor between SF and SJ, stopping in or near major residential and commercial centers.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    I’m OK with the Warm Springs extension assuming the area plan is executed. Yes it is a car-choked disaster at the moment, and Fremont is not really a place as such. But it can be improved.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    BART releases station entrance and exit counts every month, so we will soon know.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    OK I’m going to walk back my claim about the parking lot. It was only half full when I got off a ten-car train, alone, at 11AM today.

  • mx

    Another fine day on Polk St. We’ve got the blue car blocking the bike lane using a gap in the brand new posts (in one light cycle, at least three cyclists had to merge into traffic to get by), the double-parked FedEx truck sprawled across a traffic lane, and the silver car turning across a double-yellow line into the other bike lane. Brilliant system!

  • This is what you get when you turn traffic lanes into bike lanes and exacerbate congestion problems while simultaneously dealing with the same driving behaviors. I don’t ride a bike in this city, but am all for bike lanes. I’m also for transit investment. Maybe if SF and the Bay Area had a real transit network in place we would have fewer people owning cars and clogging up the roadways. But, that will never happen.

  • p_chazz

    We would still have trucks that need to make deliveries. My brother in law made deliveries in downtown San Francisco. His company told him not to worry about parking tickets; they are a cost of doing business.

  • I’m not in disagreement. Businesses need deliveries. Trucks have to go somewhere.