Today’s Headlines

  • SFMTA Needs More Bus Parking (SFExaminer)
  • Muni Red Lane Expansion (SFExaminer)
  • Wiggle Safety Work (Hoodline)
  • Getting Transbay Transit Center Details Right (SFChron)
  • More Homeless on the Hairball Video (Curbed)
  • City Fines Noe Valley Building for Chopping Tree (Curbed)
  • Millbrae Station Falls Short (SFChron)
  • Voters Ready for Toll Hike to Fund Transit and Roads (EastBayTimes)
  • Sprucing Up Excelsior Stairs (Curbed)
  • More on SMART Train Preview Rides (KQED, MarinIJ)
  • Commentary: ‘War on Cars’ Hurts Residents (SFExaminer)
  • Commentary: SFMTA Didn’t Plan for Ride Hail (SFChron)

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  • david vartanoff

    Without the fanciful ridership claims for Millbrae the entire SFO extension would have failed the FTA cost/benefit guidelines–before the huge cost overruns. In the early nineties a far smarter plan was presented to a BART director suggesting a 3 way station involving Caltrain, BART, and the airport circulator with tracks and platforms arranged so that all boarding was roll on roll off with no stairs between them. Unfortunately Quentin Kopp pushed through his demand that BART terminate inside aterminal which is what we got. Fun fact, the consultants told BART they could forego buying enough extra cars to support the increased service needs by simply doing better maintenance thus keeping more cars in service at a time. We see how well that worked out.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Meanwhile ridership at Fremont + Warm Springs is only 8% higher than it was last year with Fremont alone.

  • thielges

    The article on the Millbrae station correctly identifies the station layout and lack of coordination between BART and Caltrain as impacting ridership. Along those lines another factor is the awkward additional transfer at the BART San Bruno station because half of the time there’s no direct BART train from Millbrae to SFO.

    The result is that Caltrain passengers going to SFO have have an awkward and expensive transfer ($4) to travel a mere mile and might need to wait an hour for the privilege. No wonder it doesn’t attract many riders. To fix this:

    – run direct trains from Millbrae to SFO at all times, eliminating the 2nd transfer at San Bruno
    – coordinate schedules so people arriving tired after a long journey from SFO don’t get to Millbrae just in time to see their connecting Caltrain depart without them. Events like that are what cause people to give up on transit.
    – lower the cost. $4 to travel a mile seems like a gouge especially considering the large time commitment