Today’s Headlines

  • Muni to Shut Subway Early for New Train Testing (SFBay)
  • Central Subway Union Square Concrete Pour Done (SFExaminer)
  • Sexual Assaults on BART (MercNews)
  • More on BART Decisions on Disclosing Crime Info (KQED)
  • Mission Bike Share Held up by Gentrification Fears (SFExaminer)
  • Developer May Use New Density Bonus in Outer Mission (SFExaminer)
  • Developer Quits Planned 445-unit Kirkham Heights Project (Socketsite)
  • More on Possible San Mateo Transit Tax (DailyJournal)
  • More on Google’s Proposed Diridon Station Office (CBSLocal)
  • Vallejo Bicyclist Dies from Collision (SFBay)
  • Menlo Park Hit and Run Injures Pedestrian (Almanac)
  • Commentary: Cars Over Transit in West Portal (SFExaminer)

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  • thielges

    On the delay of bikeshare in the Mission:

    Arguello claimed the bikeshare companies cater to newcomers with means, and not longtime Latino neighbors. “The way we shop, the way we travel, it’s a very different culture,” Arguello said. “We did say, ‘No, we don’t want bikeshare on 24th street
    in the Latino Cultural District.’”

    What? Does Mr. Arguello ever go out and meet Mission residents? Many Latinos are urban bicyclists, they’re a crucial part of California bicycle culture. And you really do not need to be wealthy to come up with a $5 annual bikeshare membership fee.

    It is amazing that this guy thinks he speaks for the entire community. He should step down and make room for somebody who will actually represent the community.

  • Rogue Cyclist

    There’s concern that bikeshare doesn’t reach Deep East Oakland. It’s interesting that the scraper bike crew is promoting it:

  • gneiss

    As usual, it boils down to parking spaces, “Additionally, merchants were worried about losing parking, Arguello said, as preliminary proposals placed bikeshare stations in parking spots.”

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Article is from a year ago. A year ago the bike share wasn’t serving anybody.

  • mx

    I like how Arguello complains about losing parking while the article discusses Calle 24’s plans for Mayan “temples” and pedestrian bulbouts, which will, guess what, reduce parking. It sounds like they’re fine removing parking for the improvements they want, but not if bikes are involved.

  • mx

    “Muni to Shut Subway Early for New Train Testing”

    The casualness with which Muni simply decides to shut down service rather than explore all possible alternatives is infuriating.

  • gneiss

    This idea that Latinos don’t bike, nor do they use bike share is totally bunk. Mexico City has a bike share program that opened in 2010, a full seven years before the one in SF is getting rolled out into the Mission:

    Also, the idea that BRT is incompatible with Latino heritage is also bunk. Once again, Mexico City lead the way.

    In all regards, Mr. Arguello is selling his community short with a very narrow vision of what it should be – one that doesn’t reflect the reality of progressive changes happening in Central and South America.

  • p_chazz

    Saints preserve us from self-appointed little tinpot dictators who shove their vision down our throats and then tell us it’s what “the community” wants.