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  • xplosneer

    Electric Bus and Truck article:
    “But the clean bus and truck lobby has some stiff competition for the cap-and-trade money — and not only with popular rebates for electric cars. California fire chiefs held a news conference last week, saying the state’s disaster response network is stretched to its limits after years of drought, pest invasions and wildfires.”

    Great, so now we can’t fight climate change long term because the whole budget is going to short term response.

    Menlo Park Article: “killed by vehicle” “struck by a car” “struck by a vehicle”
    FINALLY paragraph 4: “a driver heading south in a 2006 Toyota Highlander hit him”

  • re BART delays. More like the entire Muni portion of the subway had shut down during this time. Trains weren’t skipping the Powell St. station because there were no trains running at this time. No announcements were made at all in the Montgomery station about Muni delays. Map showed no trains in the entire subway.

  • Corvus Corax

    re: Menlo Park article. Yes, absolutely. Are these media people just obtuse, as they so often get called on this offensive reportage, or could it be that since they are drivers, they automatically choose a side – the wrong and biased side?

  • mx