This Week: Advisory Committee, Regionalism, Bike Parking Standards


Here are this week’s highlights from the Streetsblog calendar:

  • Monday/tonight! Bicycle Advisory Committee. The committee meets monthly to consider bicycle transportation projects and policies to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, the SFMTA, and other City and County agencies. Monday/tonight! Oct. 23, 6:30-7:30 p.m., City Hall, Room 408, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, S.F.
  • Tuesday A History of Bay Area Regionalism. The Bay Area has long been dominated by a struggle between regionalism and those pushing for metropolitan-level governance. What key ideas have shaped this history? Join SPUR to learn about the current state of regionalism and regional thinking in the Bay Area. Tuesday, Oct. 24, 12:30 p.m., SPUR Urban Center, 654 Mission Street, S.F.
  • Wednesday Lunch and Learn: Bicycle Parking Standards and Installation. Bicycle storage facilities have become an integral part of new developments and are touted as a premium asset in commercial and residential properties. This session provides a fundamental approach to comprehensive bicycle parking standards, from selecting the right equipment to adequately preparing the space. The Bicycle Parking Standards and Installation session provides the expertise to improve bike storage to meet the needs of both the developer and the end user. Box lunch and indoor bicycle parking provided. This workshop is co-hosted by the SF Bicycle Coalition and Dero. Wednesday, Oct. 25, 12-1:30, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, 1720 Market St., S.F.
  • Wednesday Mind the (Affordable Housing) Gap. A new study calculated that the Bay Area’s affordable housing funding gap is estimated, conservatively, to be $1.45 billion a year. That may seem daunting, but it’s achievable, and could be closed by major measures set forth and approved by voters or state officials. Join SPUR to learn what can be done to fund affordable housing in our region. Wednesday, Oct. 25, 12:30, SPUR Oakland, 1544 Broadway, Oakland.
  • Wednesday Citymakers and Practical Urbanism. The new book, Citymakers: The Culture and Craft of Practical Urbanism, argues that it’s not just the top-down planners, architects and elected officials and bottom-up community groups that shape our cities, but the large and unheralded group in between. Join SPUR as they as they expand the definition of urban practice with practitioners and commentators of this new idea of city making. Wednesday, Oct. 25 6 p.m, SPUR Urban Center, 654 Mission Street, S.F.
  • Thursday Night and All-Weather Biking. This SFBC class, designed for intermediate riders who feel comfortable navigating urban streets, will teach you how to be prepared for whatever weather comes our way. No bicycle is necessary for this class. Please contact Christopher White ( with any questions about this program. Thursday, Oct. 26, 7-8 p.m., Richmond Public Library, 351 9th Avenue, S.F.
  • Saturday Biking After Dark Workshop. Autumn has begun, meaning shorter days and darker evening commutes. However, with a little knowledge and the right equipment your night-time bike rides can be safe. This 1-hour class is made possible via a partnership with the Berkeley Public Library and funding from the Alameda County Transportation Commission. This is an indoor, classroom-only workshop for adults and teens, so no bike is required in order to participate. Saturday, Oct. 28, 3-4 p.m., 2940 Benvenue Ave, Claremont Branch Library, Berkeley.

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