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  • Prinzrob

    That MarinIJ article ignores the benefit of all the new jobs created as a result of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge path. For instance, an entire cottage industry of MarinIJ authors complaining about the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge path has already popped up. It’s the only thing Dick Spotswood can rely on to distract himself from his own impending mortality. Have a heart, people!

  • mx

    This JUMP Bike situation stinks. If the Chronicle article is correct, SFMTA put out a permit application, then took the first fully submitted application they approved of and declared they won an exclusive 18-month deal? That nobody knew was a competition?

    It seems contrary to basic concepts of fairness and good government to hand out an exclusive permit without bothering to inform everyone of that fact in advance and invite all those interested to submit bids on the same day.

  • DrunkEngineer

    Damon Connolly does not seem to understand how the MTC governmental process works. He is there at the MTC to represent the Marin Board of Supervisors. As such, he has a responsibility to adhere to their views, and not his own.

    The Marin Board of Supervisors has on several occasions considered the bikes vs cars tradeoff on the bridge and has always decided in favor of bike access. Whether it is in the countywide bike plan, or the 2002 resolution (unanimous) calling on caltrans to put a bike facility on the shoulder.

  • John Murphy

    Is Connolly up for re-election?

  • 94110

    He took his seat on 2015-01-06, and Board of Supervisors’ terms are four years, so I think he will be up for election this year, probably on 2018-11-06, if he chooses to run again.

    Source: various pages I just read on

  • Prinzrob

    My initial reaction to Connolly’s comments about the bridge path was that it must be posturing to placate angry voters, since the project is already funded and approved, and taking a position against it at this stage is too late to change anything. If he is indeed up for election this year then that makes even more sense.

  • Prinzrob