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When I started writing this post, I asked Roger for his favorite story of the year, from a writing perspective and because it helped lead to a positive outcome.

He responded:

Anti-bike firefighters in San Francisco had repeatedly jammed up protected bike lane projects by claiming that they interfered with ladder trucks. 

But Streetsblog San Francisco tracked down a firefighter in the SFFD who was willing to push back. And here’s the resulting Q&A.

The interview was shared far and wide, and gave officials political cover to stand up to the fire department (in fact, a higher up at SFMTA reached out to me directly for the firefighter’s contact info). Within a few months, protected bike lanes were approved or installed in the locations where the fire department had previously vetoed them, such as Upper Market and Howard.

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  • voltairesmistress

    Hi SF Streetsblog: I took your requested survey but found no questions that asked how we wanted Streetsblog to become better. So here are my two suggestions:

    1. a broader, more interesting selection if daily news articles that look at development, housing, innovation and the like from around the globe. Current sources are limited to local papers and do not take advantage of interesting articles from Citylab, New York Times, Socketsite, BBC, or any other websites. Result: very little dynamic thinking on Streetsblog SF.

    2. Resurrect the comments sections, because without them the community at Streetsblog has died. It has become a ine-way communication, and I doubt as many people even check in anymore, since there are no debates. I learned a lot from my fellow readers, even if we called each other idiots at times. I changed my opinions over time because I learned so much. No more. SF Streetsblog has become a shadow of its former self and is darn boring.

  • Stuart

    Resurrect the comments sections, because without them the community at Streetsblog has died.

    It’s almost as if it had been choked off by kudzu. It seems very clear at this point that the Streetsblog SF editors aren’t going to address that though.


Please support us today.

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