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  • Elias Zamaria

    Why is that Parking Monkey article from 2014 in “Today’s Headlines”?

  • How about patrols of BART trains, stations and parking lots? I’m not talking a rent a cop on a cell phone playing candy crush. I’m talking real police presence. The more riders think they can get away with something the more they will do it. Basic human behavior.

  • Roger R.

    Ugh. Thanks Elias. The Daily Journal seems to keep re-posting links to old stuff on their front page. And early in the morning I don’t always notice it’s an old article. I’ve gotten nailed by this before. Other times it seems to come up in Google searches with them, even when I set the date limits. Anyway, I took it down. Apologies for the foul up.

  • Roger R.

    Hmm. So they list archive stories on the front page (why, I have no idea). I guess maybe it glides past Google’s date parameters that way? Combined with me doing this first thing in the morning, I miss it sometimes.