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It’s no secret that this has been a turbulent year for Streetsblog San Francisco, but thanks to your support we have pulled through and are preparing for an even bigger year in 2020. While Streetsblog San Francisco has always been able to rely on large donors such as the SEED Fund, Silicon Valley Foundation and Craigslist Charitable Fund, half of our budget has always come from reader donations. This giving Tuesday, and this entire month of December, we’re asking for your help again, to prepare for 2020.


And this was a hot year for news throughout the city as well, and it seems to be ending on an upswing. In October, the SFMTA finally approved the plan for “Better Market Street” after eight years of planning and debate. Supporters, both advocates and political leaders, called it the start of car-free streets and zones throughout the city.

Then, late last month, Mayor London Breed announced that Jeff Tumlin will lead the SFMTA. Tumlin, who created the Oakland Department of Transportation, is widely considered one of the most important thought leaders in the movement for safer streets and equitable transportation investments.

Meanwhile to the south, Roger went on a tour of the bike facilities in San Jose and came away impressed with the city’s ability to quick-build a protected bikeway network, which offers lessons for San Fancisco, Oakland and Berkeley.

So what does 2020 hold for the Bay Area? We don’t know, but we look forward to finding out and delivering the news you need to be the best-informed citizen advocate that you can.

Regardless of whether or not you choose to support Streetsblog San Francisco with a donation this month, please join us for our holiday party next Thursday, Dec. 12, 7-9 p.m. at Lucky Duck Oakland, 302 12th Street. For more information, please click here.


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Over the weekend, we received word that the craigslist Charitable Fund had awarded Streetsblog SF a $25,000 grant to help with 2021, raising our total for the drive to $45,685. While this is just under our goal, it's enough to assure that Streetsblog San Francisco will continue to publish for all of 2021 assuming our advertising income remains steady.
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