Today’s Headlines

  • Some Bay Area Residents Refusing to Pay Rent (Gate)
  • SF Jumps from Red to Orange in COVID Danger Map (Gate)
  • Passenger Rail Company Brightline Selling $3.2 Billion in Bonds for 1st Leg of Line between Vegas and California. (Vegas Sun)
  • Uber and Lyft Are Stocked w/former Obama admin. Would a President Biden embrace them? (New Republic)
  • Among Bills Signed by Governor Newsom:
    • Some (weak) police accountability rules (SF Chronicle)
    • Going forward, CA companies must hire a wider range of people on their boards (SF Chronicle)
    • California task force to study reparations (LA Times)
  • It’s Going to Be Hot, Dry and Windy Again This Weekend (Chronicle)
  • Air Quality Could Get Worse Again Today (Chronicle)
  • Debate in Twin Peaks Over Future of Local Gas Station (Hoodline)

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