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In our last fundraising post, we touched on some of the major stories of 2021. Today, we’re looking forward to what we think will be some of the major stories of 2022.

Of course, to do our best coverage we need your support to keep going. Today, we just passed $9,000 in donations and pledges in our end of the year drive. While that’s great, we have a long way to go to reach our $30,000 goal.patron


With the infrastructure bill now passed, finishing Caltrain electrification, moving high-speed rail forward, and getting trains into the Transbay basement will be high on the agenda of transit advocates in 2022. 

Transit integration will also continue to be a focus, with groups such as Seamless Bay Area fighting for rational fares and free transfers among the Bay Area’s disparate transit operators.

We’ll keep covering the fight to save open streets, car-free JFK , and the great Walkway. Streetsblog will also continue to cover efforts to bring protected intersections and roundabouts with bike lanes to the intersections of the Bay Area. And we will continue to call out government agencies and officials who talk about equity while happily spending hundreds of millions on more car infrastructure as they ignore the safety of vulnerable road users.

The question is, how will these changes at the top levels translate into the changes we need to see on the streets and highways of our state? Streetsblog San Francisco plans to keep asking, to continue watching, and to keep informing our readers.patron



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An Oakland ferry. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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