Today’s Headlines

  • The Center Running Bike Lane Is Going in on Valencia (Twitter)
  • West Oakland’s Decades of Freeway Injustice… (Washington Post)
  • …And Faces Many Challenges To Undo Them (GATE)
  • Rain Washed Lubricants Off Train Tracks Lead to a SCREEECH at Judah (Examiner)
  • SF Tourism Economy Improving (GATE)
  • Woman Arrested for Intentionally Striking Cyclist with Her Car in Berkeley (Examiner)
  • Who’s Got the Best Superbloom? Maybe It’s the Bay… (East Bay Times)
  • EV’s Do Help Air Quality, But Benefits Mostly for the Rich So Far (Examiner)
  • NIMBYs Don’t Wanna Give up “Their” Potential Home Value (Planetizen)
  • TX Man Killed at Least 8 Migrants Waiting for the Bus with His SUV (CNN)
  • Transit Has Become the Last Safety Net for People Experiencing Homelessness in Many Cities (Vice)

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