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#MinimumGrid: Toronto Advocates Move Politicians Beyond Bike Platitudes

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Bike advocates are putting these questions to Toronto mayoral candidates. Image: #MinimumGrid Michael Andersen blogs for The Green Lane Project, a PeopleForBikes program that helps U.S. cities build better bike lanes to create low-stress streets. Almost all urban politicians will tell you they think bikes are great. But only some actually do anything to make […]

When Old Parking Meter Poles Go, So Often Does Bike Parking

Toronto’s Post and Ring solution for bicycle parking on old parking meter poles. Photo: David Baker When Oakland installed its first pay-and-display parking kiosks in early 2007, parking managers ordered employees to remove the heads of the approximately 5,000 single-space meters they were replacing. Just like other cities transitioning from using single-space parking meters to […]

The Myth of the Urban Driving Shoppers

A valuable sidewalk, but parking should be removed and the sidewalk widened to accommodate pedestrians and meet ADA requirements. As we wrote a couple days ago about Jefferson Street, merchants on the commercial street there and throughout the city often assume parking spaces in front of their stores are vital to business, that their customers […]