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Car-Free JFK Fight Continues, Despite Data (SFChron) Demonstrators Demand Great Walkway Stay For People (CBSLocal) Push Back Continues Against Slow Streets (SFExaminer) More on Muni’s Return (NBCBayArea, CBSLocal) But no Cable Cars Yet (USAToday) Berkeley’s Plans to Make Cal and Dwight Safer (Berkeleyside) Newsom Promises Funds for Cal Bullet Train (KTLA5) Plans for State Budget […]
Image: SounderBruce via Wikimedia Commons

Can the MUTCD Catch Up with the New Mobility Revolution?

Advocates are fighting for better protection for vulnerable road users from the federal manual that dictates how signs, signals and roadway markings work on U.S. roads, but some are going further to urge the Department of Transportation to set strong standards for the virtual signals that have just as much of an impact on how drivers behave in our communities, too — and give cities more tools to rein in the private companies that are making life hell for non-drivers.
Car-Free JFK. Image: Walk SF

Podcast: Saving COVID’s Car-Free Streets

If there's been a silver lining to the COVID crisis, it's certainly that for the first time some space between buildings has been wrestled away from the all-but exclusive use of motorists. The Cool Solution podcast did a great piece about a few of the scrappy activists