Judge Busch Denies City’s Request to Remove Market/Octavia Bike Lane

Superior Court Judge Peter J. Busch has just denied the city’s request to remove the eastbound Market Street bike lane and concrete barrier at Octavia Boulevard. 

In a hearing that lasted for more than an hour, Busch said the city should proceed with certifying the EIR to allow the bike injunction to be lifted. He also denied requests to add bike improvements on Third Street and install bike racks at Church and Market and Dolores and Guerrero Streets near 18th.

He did allow the MTA to add sharrows and other minor enhancements on Folsom, Market, Polk and Valencia Streets.

Leah Shahum, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition executive director, said she was relieved by the decision. 

We’ll have more, including reaction, in our next post.

  • Why in the world did he deny the bike racks? Is he just sending a message that he wants them to just get the EIR done so we can build out everything?

    Putting those bike racks in has much positive value and the only negative value is that they will cost a couple hundred dollars to buy and install, far less than the expected loss of the current hazardous conditions outside Dolores Park Cafe.

  • Speaking of the EIR, what’s the holdup now? According to the SFBC, we’ve gone 947 days with no new bike lanes. WTF? How are we still waiting for work to resume?

  • dustin


    public comment period on the draft EIR closed on 1/13/09. the city now must respond to all comments received and publish a response to comments document before the planning commission can certify the EIR.


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