Today’s Headlines

  • Op-Ed in Chronicle Supporting Congestion Pricing in San Francisco (SF Gate)
  • The TA Will Consider Releasing Prop K Funds for Transbay Terminal (Examiner)
  • Muni Crash with 18-Wheeler on T-3rd Sent Seven to Hospital Last Night (Examiner) (SF Gate)
  • MTC Revises Revenue Projections, Delays Vote on RTP (Merc)
  • Sacramento Mayor KJ Upset His City Not on First Leg of High Speed Rail Construction (SacBee)
  • State Assembly Will Hear Debate Over Bills to Extend Hybrid Carpool Stickers (Merc)
  • Vallejo May Get Stim Funds for Streetscape Improvements Downtown (Times Herald)
  • Ray Lahood Shows Official Love for Cyclists, Reads Streetsblog (USDOT Blog)
  • Car Makers Still Spending Large on Lobbyists (WaPo)