Former SPUR Transpo Director Dave Snyder to Write for Streetsblog

n540445756_1552763_8697.jpgPhoto by Dustin Jensen.

I'm happy to announce today that Dave Snyder, the former transportation director at SPUR, will join Streetsblog San Francisco as a regular contributor.

Snyder, who was recently appointed to a position on the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District Board of Directors, is a longtime advocate for socially just transportation and land-use policies. He is the founder of the modern day San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and also of Transportation for a Livable City, the organization now headed by Tom Radulovich.

Snyder's inside knowledge and comprehensive analyses of the transportation sector will greatly enhance our coverage of transit issues in the Bay Area: 

I'm excited about this opportunity because I've always loved both journalism and transportation activism, and Streetsblog is both! The SFBC got started in 1991, really, as a vehicle for the publication of a newsletter to connect various elements of the bicycle activist community. Streetsblog can do the same thing for the broader livable streets movement: connect the dots between the bicycle activists and the neighborhood activists and the social justice activists. I hope that I can learn from the different perspectives and help educate folks who see transportation from those different perspectives about how by working together we can create a more livable city for everyone.

Welcome Dave! We're thrilled to have you.