Rob Anderson, SFBC, Chronicle Reporter to Discuss Bike Plan on KQED Radio

198055687_a04686270d.jpgKQED radio studio. Flickr photo: David Sifry
Leah Shahum, the executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, will debate and discuss the newly approved Bike Plan with Rob Anderson on KQED radio's "Forum" program tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Anderson, the bicyclist-hating obstructionist who filed the lawsuit that has locked the Bike Plan in court, wrote on his blog this afternoon that he'll be joined by Bert Hill, who sits on the Bicycle Advisory Committee, Jamie Whitaker of the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association and Chronicle reporter Rachel Gordon. Anderson, who has compared bicyclists to "Islamic fanatics," had more choice words for bicyclists in the comments section of his post:   

I have no "personal ambition" at all, except to continue pointing out how lame you people are, since no one else seems willing to do it. I'm the only media critic in the city you bike zealots have, and you even whine about that.

Thing is Rob, you're not the only one, but for some reason the mainstream media -- which often wrongly casts bicyclists as "scofflaws" and "holier than thou bicycle nuts" -- seems to take you seriously. That's why I'd encourage Streetsblog readers to call KQED and provide some balance: 866-733-6786.