Transit in Trouble Where You Live

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: We love transit. Love love love.

But that’s why we hate it so much when transit infrastructure and transit riders are neglected. And they are. The nation’s buses and trains and light rail are too often underfunded, dismissed, vandalized and disrespected.

Transit riders deserve better.

We asked you to send in photos of crummy transit conditions from around the country, and once again, you stepped up. Here are some of the indignities you’ve witnessed:

Many thanks to our contributors, including the indefatigible Richard Masoner of Cyclelicious, BicyclesOnly, dirtycrumbs, Streetsblog’s own Ben Fried and Brad Aaron, and Streetfilms’ Clarence Eckerson.

Check out our previous slide shows of bike traffic, space hogs and bikes at work.

For our next show, we’re looking for something a lot happier — kids on bikes. We’ve already received many pictures on this theme, but we want more. Kids on their own bikes, kids in cargo bikes, kids on trailer bikes — show us what you’ve got. Send JPEGs to sarah [at] streetsblog [dot] org, or tag your photos with "streetsblog" and "kidbikes" in Flickr. Get them to me by Tuesday, November 24.

And as always, thank you.

  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    A few of these are images of success. Only in public transit is a surplus of customers considered a failure.

  • zsolt

    Um… joking right?

  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    Not really. In any rational business, an overflow of customers would cause expansion. In transit systems, it perversely causes contraction. Route cuts, layoffs, reduction of service hours, and deferred maintenance are the preferred responses of transit agency managers.

  • Winston

    I don’t know what you’re basing that on, Jeffery. I’ve never heard route cuts, layoffs or reductions in service due to a transit line or system being too busy. Show me one example of this.

  • zsolt

    Point taken. It’s more politics than business for sure.

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