Reminder: March 24th Streetfilms Celebration and Fundraiser


Alright Streetfilms fans, get ready for an inspiring evening of films and art with the man who started it all, Clarence Eckerson. Please join us Wednesday March 24th for a screening featuring some of your favorite Streetfilms and a series of new films we're calling Bay Area Street Portraits.

Come by and meet the Streetfilms team and see what we've got in the works. You'll be the first to see many of these films. There'll also be an opportunity to give us feedback on what you've liked in the past and what you'd like to see us tackle in the future. You'll also learn about some exciting new opportunities to help fund our work! Click here to RSVP.

I'm really excited about the Bay Area Street Portraits series by filmmaker Charlotte Buchen. They'll provide windows into the lives of three people who just happen to get around on their bikes. Here's a preview: 

Terri Saul paints impossible childhood fantasies on canvas. Inspired by her Choctaw-Chickasaw roots as well as memories of childhood bike rides through the outer edges of Los Angeles, many of Terri’s paintings combine classic Tour de France imagery with the regalia of Native American dancers. And now, her daughter Lydia, too, is taking to the magic and independence of the bicycle.

Sal Bednarz believes in creating community, so when he opened a new café in his beloved neighborhood in Oakland, he gave it bike-friendly features. But Sal’s not trying to make a statement – he just thinks bike parking should come standard.

Antonio Mendoza has been living in Oakland and sending money home to Mexico for 13 years, but these are especially hard times. For him, riding his bike is a way to relieve stress, get around, and stay fit at the same time. Bicycles are also one way he can stay connected to his son in Mexico: They haven’t seen each other in over a decade, but whenever he can, Antonio fixes up a bike and sends it home so that his son can have something that his father’s hands have touched and loved.

Please join us for a fabulous evening of films, art and wine, generously provided by Swirl on Castro, at Workplace Limited, 2150 Folsom Street. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will provide valet bicycle parking. And of course, a big thanks to our principle funder, Jonathan Weiner, who made our Bay Area Streetfilms possible.  

Also, we're happy to announce that Terri Saul's paintings will be shown and available for purchase at the event, and a substantial portion of the proceeds will be donated to Streetsblog San Francisco so we can produce more Streetfilms. Thank you Terri!