Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Service Reductions Take Effect (ABC7)
  • SF Examiner Story Claims Bus Stop Consolidation Plans "Quietly Abandoned"
  • Parking Meter Extension Pilot Apparently Put on Hold for Three Months (SF Examiner)
  • SFO Parking Rates Going Up (SF Examiner)
  • High-Speed Rail Authority Board Member Defends New CEO’s Salary (Matier & Ross)
  • Chronicle Op-Ed: "Washington’s Anti-Urban Bias"
  • Suspicious Death at Civic Center BART Station (SF Gate)
  • BIKE NOPA Continues Series on Women Who Bike 
  • Women "Staking Their Claim in Portland’s $90 Million a Year Bike Industry" (Bike Portland)
  • LaHood: More Fines Possible for Toyota (NYT)
  • New BMW So Quiet, You Can’t Tell When You’ve Left It Idling (News, Post, AMNY)
  • Cul-de-Sacs Totally Fail to Deliver Purported Benefits (Infrastructurist)
  • Why Car Companies Feel OK Portraying Teen Drivers as Dangerous, But Not Seniors (538)

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  • I think it should be news if the MTA actually goes through with parking meter changes. Newsom will keep pushing the buck further down the line. Same story, different day.

    And stop consolidation has to be considered. We are running buses slower then cable cars, how is that sustainable? Are you willing to watch service continue to get slashed just to keep the bus stop next to your place? And what good is a bus stop if the bus never comes?

  • The Examiner bus stop consolidation story is false. When we met with Nat Ford last month he told us the agency was still planning to go ahead with a bus stop consolidation plan, just not at the moment. Who knows when it will happen, but the agency is still working on it. The plans have not been abandoned.

  • I think Nat Ford’s story changes with his company. He’ll tell you that the cuts are surgical and will make the system faster and that stop consolidation is in the works. You walk out and the Examiner comes in. All of a sudden it’s all about delaying parking meter extensions and no stop consolidation. I’d suggest getting on the horn with him and asking where the hell the Examiner got it’s story from.

  • I’m not really interested in a full response to the Examiner story. But you can bet more bus stop consolidation stories are ahead for us.

  • Fair enough, but it is just another example of his double-speak.

    And I look forward to it. Thanks Bryan.

  • I don’t think that’s actually true about any buses being slower than cable cars. If you look at the speeds in the data, the cable lines are by far the slowest in the system (Powell-Hyde, 4.5mph, Powell-Mason, 3.9mph, California, 3.6mph).

  • Eric, I was being a bit over the top there. I was talking more about the top speed of cable cars being 9 mph and the MUNI average being 8.5 mph. I am probably wrong about those speeds too.

  • awesome! thanks for the link love for the Women Who Bike series, you guys are bloggy crazy making me look slow 😀

    mi monday women post is coming later this afternoon!! and it is a double dose of awesomeness – stay tuned

    see you all tomorrow at the dr. sketchy’s event at 111 minna, right?!

  • Nick

    Re: the death at civic center bart

    I was working nights in that area not long ago and anyone trying to get home at 3AM is a target. What makes it worse is that the busses would only run once an hour. The official service cuts states that they are increasing the wait time from 30 to 45 minutes (a concession the MTA made). A concession divorced from reality, but whatever.

    What’s interesting is that there s a whole subculture of night bicyclists out there. Most of them are very fast and wear dark clothes and my guess is they would take transit if not for the safety issues at night.


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