This Week in Livable Streets Events

Muni is far from alone in facing service cuts. This week, the front line of transit service reductions is in Oakland, where AC Transit will be holding a public hearing on proposed cuts. Plus, check out plenty of more uplifting events from this week’s Streetsblog calendar:

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  • marcos

    “exciting discussion about San Francisco’s role in the region.”

    If erecting high expensive buildings is your idea of exciting, then this is the place for you to get off. It comes highly recommended by such planning authorities as Larry Badiner, Craig Nikitas and all participants in the chain of sexually inappropriate emails going back a decade.

    On this planet, we obey the laws of thermodynamics. The lifecycle full ecological costs of these luxury condo highrises are more than they will save in any theoretical sprawl reduction irrespective of Metcalfe’s fallacy, that these expensive structures compete in the same segment of the housing market with sprawl.

    Add in the corporate welfare program expressed in the partial subsidization of added load to our disinvested transit infrastructure and you have “professional planners” doing more damage to environmental sustainability of San Francisco than we’d see if they were doing nothing at all.