SPUR Walking Tour: Institute on Aging campus tour

"Jointly developed by the Institute on Aging and BRIDGE Housing
Corporation, and scheduled to open in the fall of 2010, 3575 Geary
Boulevard will serve as the main location for IOA’s health and social
support programs and BRIDGE’s 150 new units of low-income senior rental
housing. Separately owned and financed, the new development combines
independent housing for low-income seniors with a senior health services
facility in one building. With Don Lusty of BRIDGE and Ken
of IOA."


SPUR Walking Tour: Tour of Mission Walk: San Francisco’s newest green affordable housing project

"Mission Walk, the latest addition to Mission Bay North, brings 131 affordable condominium homes to this emerging neighborhood. By providing low- to moderate-income first-time homebuyers an opportunity to purchase (soon-to-be LEED certified) homes priced from $159,000 to $303,000, the project adds to the diversity of new residents on Berry Street. Join Kim Nash, project manager […]

CA Transportation Choices Summit Tackles Policy Issues

The California Transportation Choices Summit, held in Sacramento this week, was an opportunity for sustainable transportation and public health advocates to spend the day learning about current state policies and legislation in the works to change them. This year’s summit was titled “2014: A Year of Opportunity.” The “opportunity” comes in the form of new funds from […]

Forum: Transportation for the Masses or the Gentrification of Mass Transit?

From UrbanIDEA: Out of the shadows of decades of land use and housing rights battles there is an emerging movement for transportation justice that’s reshaping the transportation debate and winning real victories for low income people, riders of color, and transit dependent populations. In the current “Gilded Age” of the Bay Area economy, public investment in mass transit is […]