Today’s Headlines

  • So now that the central subway is up to $1.6B from $1.2B a short year ago, how much will taking out a gas station add to the cost? Those things are toxic land mines with spilled gas and leaking underground tanks.

    But leave it to the Examiner to write an obit for a gas station. “Oh the fumes and close calls from inattentive drivers – you shall be missed!”

  • Article on cyclists/ranchers on rural roads in Sonoma.

  • Interesting read John.

  • @Mike, AFAIK the gas station has been part of the plan from the beginning. Seems kind of win-win, at least on paper: gas station owners don’t have to pay to clean up the sludge you mention, SFMTA gets a convenient site to build their Moscone station, and putting a condo mid-rise on top helps offset some costs.

  • Yeah, I figured it was part of the plan. Just not a fan of the plan so had to bitch about something.