Today’s Headlines

  • Ex-BART Officer Mehserle Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter (SF Gate, ABC7, KCBS)
  • Protests, Looting Over Verdict Spill into the Night in Oakland; 83 Arrests (SF Gate, Merc, ABC7, LAT)
  • Feds Will Conduct Civil Rights Review of Mehserle Case (ABC7)
  • NY Times: "Anti-Car Crusade, Fueled by Gulf Spill, Takes a Station Hostage"
  • Are Higher Tolls Reducing Bay Bridget Traffic? (KTVU)
  • Measure to Raise Vehicle Registration Fee in San Mateo County Makes Ballot (San Mateo Times)
  • City Place Mid-Market Development Wins Approval in SF (SF Business Times, SF Examiner)
  • HSR Authority Adds Shared Track Option in LA to Anaheim Route (OC Register
  • Paratransit Riders to Ride for Free on Santa Rosa CityBus (Santa Rosa CityBus)
  • Help the Panhandle Park Stewards This Weekend (BIKE NOPA)
  • @City Place, are 167 cars just going to appear in the parking lot? I’d like them to pass along whatever they are smoking cause it must be good stuff. More parking downtown means more auto-traffic downtown (especially Market) which is exactly what WE DON’T NEED!

  • The NY Times reporter apparently doesn’t see the difference between
    – being against cars
    – saying cars should pay their own way

    Bryan Goebel, the site’s editor, wrote last year, “The kind of change we need is sea change, a complete transition away from 60 years of externalizing the costs of car ownership,” arguing that the toll automobiles take on society is greater than drivers pay.”

    but the claim that drivers don’t pay their full cost is a well documented fact. And it should be very obvious to anyone who looks around and sees all the free on-street parking and free use of local roads paid for by gas taxes – not to mention obvious environmental costs like the gulf oil spill.

    Treat this as a fringe position that a few people are “arguing” for is like saying: “Some environmentalists claim we should control greenhouse gas emissions, arguing that they cause global warming.”

  • “free on-street parking and free use of local roads paid for by gas taxes”

    Sorry, I meant: “paid for by cities’ general funds.”

  • Looking at the overall picture I find it hard to oppose CityPlace; the garage is still too big, but they have made some good concessions along the way, and it’s so desperately needed on that block.

    The key now will be getting the city to come up with better engineered solutions to keep private vehicles off Market street. Why not expand the forced right turns at 10th & 6th to be forced right turns at every block after 10th, so that it really is local access only?

  • 78 were arrested last night.

  • Nick

    Re: Oakland Protests

    Anyone else find comfort in the fact that so many of the protestors/gawkers arrived by bike?


Today’s Headlines

Golden Gate Bridge Officials Consider Speed Limit for Bicyclists (Marin IJ, SF Examiner) More Thoughts on the Speed Limit Proposal from TWU Official Defends Strike Vote for Muni Operators (CBS SF) SamTrans Bus Driver Facing Lesser Charge for Hitting, Killing Woman (Coco Times, SF Gate) Man Killed on Escalator at Powell Street BART/Muni Station […]

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Debunking the Cars = Commerce Myth: Business Booming in Car-Free Times Square (NY1) U.S. Mayors Want More Federal Funding for Transportation Infrastructure (ENS) Sacramento Regional Transit Considering $2.50 Bus Fare, Highest in Calif. (Sac Bee) Man on a Scooter Dies After Being Hit by a VTA LRV in San Jose (ABC7, VTA Watch) Considering the […]

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In Wake of Operator Vote, Muni Cuts Won’t Be Rolled Back This Year (SF Examiner, City Insider, KCBS) AC Transit Asks for $15 Million in Concessions from Its Operators (Bay Citizen) ABC7 Reports on Thieves Who are Running Shell Games on Some Muni Buses Mayor Newsom to Unveil Sit/Lie Ballot Measure Before Board of Supes […]

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ATU to Resume Negotiations with BART After Rejecting Contract (SF Gate, SF Examiner) Historic Streetcar Hits a Pedestrian at 9th and Market Streets (SF Gate, ABC7, CBS5, SF Appeal) Pedestrian Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver on Van Ness Avenue (SF Examiner) Toll Taker, GG Transit Bus Driver Shot Dead on the Richmond-SR Bridge (SF Gate, CBS5, […]

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Obama: Ask Not What You Can Do to Wean Your Country Off Fossil Fuels (NYT, Grist) San Ramon-Based Chevron Responsible for Utah Pipeline Spill (SF Gate) But the Company’s CEO Still Tries to Distance Chevron from BP (SF Gate) Protest Scheduled Outside Oakland Gas Station Following Arco Action in SF (SFBG)  Truck Driver Hits, Injures […]

Today’s Headlines

AC Transit Board Votes to Raise Fares (SF Gate, Coco Times) A Rundown of the Fare/Service Cuts Facing Bay Area Transit Agencies (Santa Rosa CityBus) Study: Calif. Coastal Cities Must Plan for a Rise in Ocean Levels (SF Gate, LAT, Merc) Van Jones will Take Role as White House Green Jobs Advisor (Alternet) Agency Squabbling […]