Today’s Headlines

  • Flow of Oil Might Be Stanched After Gushing for Months, But the Damage
    Is Done (NYT)
  • Shelley Poticha Is on a Mission to Grow American Cities and Towns
    Sustainably (Am
  • New Muni Spokesperson Retracts a Good Idea to Close Powell Street to Autos (C.W. Nevius Blog)
  • Caltrain Seeks Public Input on Fare Increases; Final Decision in October (Merc)
  • Utah Cyclist Dies After Being Hit by Truck Driver; Was with Group of 10 Women (KSL-TV)
  • Santa Rosa Cop in Patrol Car Hits Bicyclist (Press Democrat)
  • City of Cupertino Developing First Bike Plan in More than a Decade (Merc)
  • Cloverdale Takes Steps to Rejuvenate Old Rail Depot into a Transit Hub (Press Democrat)
  • CHSRB: Lockyer’s High-Speed Rail Claims Need a Strong Pushback
  • Target Eyes Store at Geary/Masonic; Community Meeting Planned (BIKE NOPA)
  • SF Examiner: "Sit/Lie Effort Spurs Ballot Bickering"
  • Re: Powell Street Opening

    If they close it to parking, then why keep it open to moving traffic anyway? Obviously access wouldn’t be needed anymore for parking if the parking isn’t there. And it’s certainly not a necessary thru-route.

    Also, these business owners are so quick to jump to conclusions. The Powell merchants are obviously just uninformed about actual mode-shares in areas like that, and in Nevius’ previous article he links to he cites one merchant on Market who claims the lack of car traffic has killed his business. Really, dude? Definitely not the economy, eh? You were really so dependent on all the people who were driving down Market Street and spotted your shoe store and decided to stop? Sounds ridiculous.

  • Every time you talk about changing streets, the first thing you hear is OMGIFTHEYTAKEAWAY AFEWSPOTSWELOSEBUSINESS.

    If anyone actually believes that people will not patronize Tad’s Steak House if they can’t get a spot on that block of Powell, they need their head examined. There are a ton of parking garages, and only an idiot would drive on those streets in the first place.

    And need I remind y’all of the time the car almost crashed into the turnaround, because the fool driver was on a cellphone, ignored all signs and warnings by Muni staff, and so on:

  • Nevius’ claim that one Market Street merchant is upset because of a loss of business is interesting. He states it as though this one merchant speaks for the hundreds of store-owners along Market Street.

    Really, tell me you have complaints from a few dozen and I’ll listen. Saying you know of one is pointless information to me.

  • Nick

    Re: Target on Masonic Ave

    I’m all for it if they build it with lots of parking for cargo bikes. I can already imagine the huge bulky items people will be towing through the Panhandle and the weird looks tourists.


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

State Budget Provision Could Delay SF to SJ High-Speed Rail, Jeopardize Stim Funds (Merc) High-Speed Rail Line Would Be a Boon For Bakersfield (Bakersfield Californian) Researchers Work on Ways for Drivers to Identify With Their Cars Even More (AP) Research Says Carpooling is the Fastest Way to Commute Along the Peninsula (Merc) State Reverses Plan […]