Today’s Headlines

  • President Obama Calls for $50B Infrastructure Investment to Create Jobs (NYT, USA Today)
  • T4A Praises Obama’s Initiative as “Much Needed Help to the Economy” (T4A)
  • TransForm Ups Campaign to Stop OAC; Urges Folks to Email on Eve of Vote (TransForm)
  • Muni Collisions in Last Quarter Increased Six Percent (SF Examiner)
  • Are Muni Drivers Planning a Sickout This Month? (City Insider, N-Judah Chronicles)
  • SFPD to Boost Enforcement of 25MPH Speed Limit on Masonic Avenue (BIKE NOPA)
  • And the Agency Will Also Launch a Month-Long Pedestrian Safety Enforcement (SFist)
  • Cheryl Brinkman Sworn in as SFMTA Board Member; 1st Meeting Today (BIKE NOPA, Fog City Journal)
  • In Separate Crashes, Drivers Kill SF Woman, Leave Another on Life Support (SF Gate)
  • Driver Beats Up Man He Nearly Hit in SF Crosswalk (SF Gate)
  • NPR’s “Living on Earth” Looks at State of Cycling in L.A. ( via Streetsblog LA)
  • 24-Hour Strike Causes Major Disruption for Millions of Tube Passengers in London (BBC)

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  • Nick

    Re: 25MPH on Masonic

    Why does someone always have to tell the City to enforce the law to protect it’s vulnerable citizens? It’s like they are opposed to any type of foresight for some reason.

    Example: Cars also speed 50mph on Laguna Honda (the limit is 25mph like Masonic). Here’s a picture of one going 50mph in the new bike lane: