Today’s Headlines

  • Bay Area Officials, Including David Chiu, Share Thoughts on Trip to Amsterdam (World Changing)
  • Will Muni Drivers Stage a Sickout Today? So Far, It Doesn’t Look Like It (SF Examiner, SF Weekly)
  • Caltrain Asks Ca. High-Speed Rail Authority to Take a “Phased Approach” (Merc)
  • San Jose City Council to Decide HSR Options at Its Meeting Today (Merc)
  • Retired NASA Tech Identified as Man Killed on Caltrain Tracks (Daily News via Merc)
  • Drivers Collide at Hayes and Polk; 5 People Injured, One Critically (BCN via CBS5)
  • Judge Rules Man Charged in SF Hit-and-Run Rampage Not Fit for Trial (AP via SF Examiner)
  • T4A “Hopeful” Obama Infrastructure Plan Will Lead to “Tangible Reforms” (Infrastructurist)
  • New Site Calculates Transportation Costs by Neighborhood (Planetizen)
  • Car Loving Suburban Pols Fight Back Against Green Transportation (Tree Hugger via Streetsblog LA)

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  • Re: Tree Hugger – Scary! What is this, 1950?

    “I can’t support bike lanes. Roads are built for buses, cars, and trucks. My heart bleeds when someone gets killed, but it’s their own fault at the end of the day.” – Rob Ford

  • Re: Caltrain to HSR. I think that 101 should lose its southbound lanes, build the HSR on that. Take the northbound lanes and make it go bi-directional with a speed limit of 55mph. Problem solved.

    Oh wait, you still want to have all that space for your cars? But 101 puts a huge scar down the peninsula and that’s ok?

  • “the hope of shifting our society away from the individualism and freedom afforded by the automobile.”

    Look at all those cars backed up on the freeways, commuting to corporate jobs in their steel boxes, paying 20% of their income to support their car habit – they are obviously a perfect example of individualism and freedom.

  • 25 bicyclists cited for running stop sign

  • I’m glad I’ll be down at the Giants game on Saturday and out of North Beach for the “Bar Run”, but I thought the poster was pretty interesting.

    What’s wrong with this picture????

  • DanaPointer

    Couldn’t post my comment for some reason on world changing site regarding netherlands vs CA, so posting it here:
    Land use is the key as Damon Connolly, vice-mayor of San Rafael said “What I will be thinking about when I get home is how closely related land use planning is to transportation planning—they are almost the same thing.”, fixing current single family exurban areas is going to be very expensive and very difficult and political support won’t be there. However, wherever in CA we are building high density residential, pedestrian and bike infrastructure should be give a priority over motorized traffic. This would make our urban areas more desirable, clean the air and all around start to change middle class preference towards denser townhouse style development which would then rebuild the tax base and political will in our cities. There is only 1 middle(upper) class city in CA, San Francisco, all the rest are considered dangerous and polluted by average CA resident due in big part to the car reign of freeways, parking lots and lack of green space in our urban areas, building superior bike infra could change that dynamic as it has in the Netherlands.