“Snipers for Vipers,” Armor-Piercing Rounds for Your Compensationmobile

As lethal as this gun is, it probably hasn't killed as many people off the battlefield as a Dodge Viper. Image: Barrett.
As lethal as this gun is, it probably hasn't killed as many people off the battlefield as a Dodge Viper. Image: Barrett.

I mocked Max Muller of Max Motors last summer for offering free AK-47s with the purchase of a new vehicle from his Butler, Missouri, showroom. We noted the “Kalashnikovs for Clunkers” deal was the second annual offering of guns with new cars, after he offered Glocks or Gas in 2008. At the time I wrote the article, Cash for Clunkers was all the rage so my angle was how kooky an incentive a firearm was for re-upping your ride.

Well, this year Max has gone right for the jugular, trying to sell his most compensatory vehicular stock by offering one of the baddest weapons on the market, whether for the battlefield or the Viagra crowd: the Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle. If you aren’t already familiar with the Barrett, it’s made by Ronnie Barrett in Murfreesboro (pronounced “Muf-freeze-burrow”), Tennessee, and it has become the poster-child for gun-control advocates trying to keep military-grade weaponry off the civilian market.

I’ll admit right now to my Streetsblog readers, I grew up a gun aficionado on a ranch in Nevada and, at age 13, I wanted little more than to become a sniper for the Marines. Well, I also really wanted a red pick-up truck with chrome roll-bars, a gun rack in the cab and vanity plates that read “Matt.” So in a deep-down, reptilian-brain way, I understand the appeal of a big V-10 and a bigger firearm, though every fiber in my adult sensibility strains against these impulses.

Short detour into my adolescent psyche aside, if you haven’t already gone to Max’s Snipers for Vipers radio ad, I highly recommend a listen. The deep voice of the narrator beckons you to make like Randal O’toole (funny, for a Portland-area bike rider, he sure loves hot rods) and head over to the nearest dealership to get a real manly killing machine with your manly killing machine.

What did your dealer throw in with your new vehicle? Did he top off your blinker fluid? Give me a break! Max motors is taking it to the next level. They’re calling it “Snipers for Vipers.” Yeah, you heard me, Max Motors is always taking aim at lower prices. You can take aim too, when you buy a new Dodge Viper from Max Motors, you’ll get a free Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle. It’s a gun with the power to match the car. A cool Dodge Viper and a .50 caliber sniper rifle. Max Motor has 10 Vipers to choose from, so go ahead, pull the trigger. Ask about “Snipers for Vipers” now at Max Motors in Butler Missouri, home of the free, the brave, and the guaranteed lowest prices in the USA.

Of course, both the Barrett and the Sniper are way over-engineered for use in the real world. The Viper SRT-10 has 600 horsepower, a top speed of 202 miles per hour, and goes 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, one of the fastest production vehicles on the market. The Barrett can puncture tank armor from a mile away and is illegal in numerous states, including California.

Bravado aside, this year’s ad made me realize Max Muller is doing a much better job associating cars with death than any lily-livered livable city advocate like me could possibly do. Perhaps all new vehicles should be paired with a firearm? This guilt by association could be very beneficial.

  • That tops the “America got two things right: Freedom and cars” commercial. I don’t think a man’s voice could get any deeper. I’m going to be saying this commercial to everyone I see tonight.


  • Mick

    Just shows the massive cultural divide between most of America and the handful of coastal blue States and Cities that most here inhabit.

    Asking either to understand the other would be asking too much.

  • Mick, that isn’t the case at all. I’m from Wisconsin, a fairly small town at that. I know how “most of America” thinks cause that’s how I was raised, as was Matthew.

    This is a joke of itself. There is no need for this sort of excess on any level.

  • EL

    I personally think it’s a good investment. If the gun is made illegal throughout the US, the gun’s value will increase (unlike the Viper). 😉

  • Bob Davis

    I don’t know how auto collision statistics are analyzed, but I would guess that Dodge Vipers are involved in relatively few collisions because there aren’t that many of them around. I would be more afraid of an old clunker driven by some low-IQ doofus who’s high on drugs or booze and has no insurance. Then there is the minivan driven by a “soccer mom” whose day is more tightly scheduled than the President’s and who is yakking on her cell phone to try and keep all these activities straight.
    As far as connecting guns and cars: Guns are weapons, cars are a means of transportation. Guns were designed for killing people and animals on purpose; with some exceptions, when people or animals are killed by a car, it’s unintentional (granted the victim is just as dead whether he or she was shot or run over by a motor vehicle.) Cars are, for most people, part of everyday life; guns are more for special trips, like going hunting or visiting the target range. Consider all the law enforcement officers who have to practice and requalify because they rarely have to use their “service weapons”.

  • ed duval

    Go check out the interview the owner did with CNN last year when they gave away the AK-47s. http://www.maxmotors.com/category/world-famous-car-dealer/

    This guy Rock!

  • James B

    Are both of these items just a little excessive? The answer is yes. But I personally am against the government telling me that i cannot have a super fast car, or a firearm that will do the job i want it to do. Mr. Muller is simply making a statement that what is right is right. I am an American. I was born free, and i will die free. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Mzzura

    Nevada/Butler is epic ! Wouldn’t live anywhere else. California needs to fall off the map.

  • Mzzura

    The Barrett can puncture tank armor from a mile away and is illegal in numerous states, including California. The main difference in location is that in missouri guns are used for recreation/sport where as in california guns are used for murder/criminal activity.

  • luke

    Sorry to state what should be the obvious,but no caliber.50 will puncture tank armor whether it be t-72(Russian)or m1a2(USA).it can,perhaps,Pierce an apc or a hummvee but that’s it.

  • luke

    Any high-powered rifle caliber 7.62(.308)or higher will puncture body armor.also,20mm(cannon)rounds will not puncture any tanks newer than ww2 tanks.that should show what a Cal.50 will/willnot do.

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