J-Church Rail Replacement Time Lapse Movie

Church and 30th St. San Francisco MUNI Construction from Ken Murphy on Vimeo.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these thousands of pictures are worth exponentially more. Ken Murphy, who lives on 30th Street at the intersection of Church Street, made this time-lapse movie of the Muni rail replacement project and set it to a decidedly Wes Anderson-esque score. No matter if you read the post I wrote earlier today, I recommend you watch this. It’s a strange insect-like dance, condensing nearly three days into 13 minutes.

  • dannnnnnnnnny

    you mean pee-wee herman music. that’s awesome though.

  • Pretty cool! I bet the residents of 30th and Church didn’t sleep much during those three days.

    Also, this is what it must’ve looked like in cities across the United States in the early 50’s.

  • latron

    Real work being done by real people — great to see.

  • sharon fisher

    Brilliant piece of filmmaking. Thanks so much.

  • Ken, thanks so much for making the considerable effort! Good job.

    Perhaps you might enjoy
    and in particular Evaristo Frances’s amazing efforts

    documenting the works associated with Barcelona La Sagrera.
    Oooh baby!

    (Don’t even start comparing the size, budget, schedule, skill, professional design, capacity, and lack of rank stinking technical incompetence of Transbay with this project, or you’ll want to go postal on everybody remotely connected with it or with Caltrain.

    Pure infrastructure porn! So far away, so unconnected from our wretched regional reality.)

  • i live right across from ken, hi ken! i noticed your camera and was pleased you were capturing this. i live right above cafe xo and no we did not sleep, it was like a war zone we had to leave. i was actually surprised that none of my neighbors at st. paul apartments received a notice from muni about this project, would have saved us the trouble but that’s muni for you right? and i doubt this little project will do any good for the j but good try muni, you still suck.

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