Today’s Headlines

  • Maroon-colored SUV Sought in Hit-and-Run of SF Cyclist Near Santa Rosa (Press Democrat)
  • SFMTA to Unveil First Muni LRV Repaired with Stimulus Funds (SF Examiner)
  • Chronicle Op-Ed: “Get High-Speed Rail on the Fast Track”
  • LaHood, U.S. DOT Offer Federal Loan Guarantees for DesertXpress HSR (Las Vegas Sun)
  • BART Passengers Try to Beat the Heat as Air Con Fails on Some Cars (SF Examiner)
  • Mayor Newsom Names New Health Chief to Replace Mitch Katz (City Insider)
  • Two Bay Area Toll Authority Members: Make Congestion Pricing Better on Bay Bridge (SF Gate)
  • Cracked Discovered on Portion of San Mateo Bridge; WB Lane Closed (Mercury News)
  • Portland Bike Planner Takes Separated Bikeways Message to Australia (Bike Portland)
  • Pleasanton Experimenting with Microwave Radar Detection for Bicyclists (
  • San Francisco Trolley Dances Return This Weekend (SF Gate)
  • Playful Men in Bikini Tops + Hose + Soap = A Bike Wash! (Copenhagenize)

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  • CACuzcatlan

    DesertXpress sounds like a horrible idea. Who would want to drive over an hour from LA (more like 2 or more in traffic) just to stop in Victorville to pay to get on a train. At that point, they will likely just keep on driving. I don’t see who would use this train. It seems insanely stupid not to attempt to connect it to the California HSR.

  • CACuzcatlan

    NM, looks like there are plans to expand to Palmdale and then link to the California HSR system. If that’s the case, it could work. Palmdale/Lancaster area has a lots of ppl who work in LA, and a train would be much preferable than driving in LA traffic. I’m still opposed to the initial start point of Victorville. If the line is never extended to Palmdale and then LA, it’ll be useless.

  • The Chronicle article makes a great point about need for “accounting for the true cost of driving and flying, including infrastructure, safety and environmental impacts” if HSR is to be cost competitive.

    Obviously the best thing for HSR’s competitiveness would be a carbon tax, but why aren’t we also looking at things like privatizing airports and ATC so that their full price is reflected in the cost of trips?