Today’s Headlines

  • Feinstein, Boxer to LaHood: Redirect HSR Funds to California (CAHSRB, AP)
  • Richard Katz Resigns from Ca. High-Speed Rail Commission (LA Times)
  • Healdsburg City Council Disappointed But Understanding of SMART Rail Line Delay (Press Democrat)
  • SF Supes Embark on Public Process for Selecting the City’s Interim Mayor (SF Gate)
  • SM County Times Columnist says SF Congestion Pricing Would be “Oppressive”
  • Lively SFTCA Meeting on Central Subway Reveals Tensions Between TA, SFMTA (City Insider)
  • TA Executive Director José Luis Moscovich in Line for a 5.4 Percent Raise (SF Examiner)
  • Driver Kills 79-year-old Man Walking Near Lake Merritt in Oakland (Oak Trib)
  • Collision Between N-Judah and Car in Sunset; Muni Diaries Reader Gives Account
  • Running Extra Muni Service for Giants Games Costs SFMTA $500,000 (SF Examiner)

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  • @City Insider: Trouble in Paradise.

    @SFMTA’s $500k extra: How much was brought in via additional revenues? I’m sure they weren’t running empty buses and LRVs.

  • Does anyone else feel that they are about due for some group therapy? I’m serious. Being a cyclist, pedestrian, and livable streets advocate who reads the news about our transit systems, our totally f*cked up traffic justice issues, and the unnecessary deaths that happen every day on our streets is a mind-churning and gut-wrenching experience.

    How do you guys handle it? I’m thinking I might have to stop reading SB for awhile because it is just too upsetting most of the time. Am I just thin-skinned? Do any of you other folks feel this way?


  • Justin, shot you an email. It isn’t easy. I’m frustrated on a daily basis since I deal first hand with the failures of our society to accommodate anyone so “unlucky” as to not own a car.

  • That’s the amazing thing about having an organization as messed up as Muni. Any real organization dedicated to providing transit would be thrilled about the opportunity for extra revenue that the playoffs brought in. Sure they’re probably paying some overtime, but the vehicles are absolutely stuffed to capacity and they have a huge percentage of the passengers coming from outside the city paying the full $4 rather than using a FastPass. These should be the most profitable runs they have all year.

    If the MTA is going to complain about being too incompetent to do ballpark service profitably, why don’t we just let the Giants get together with Bauers, Compass, etc. to provide shuttles to/from Embarcadero BART? I’m guessing the only reason this isn’t done now is the desire from city hall to save face on the T line.

  • Justin,

    You know yourself best. Sometimes breaks can be helpful. However, ignorance of something, while sometimes bliss, doesn’t make the injustice or suffering go away.

    I think with this work it is two steps forward, one step back. The steps backward often surprise (and dismay) me, but in the end they are an unavoidable part of the equation. It helps to remember that the steps forward are happening each and every day.

    Actually, for me, bicycling and liveable streets are probably the happiest, most encouraging movements I follow (and try to impact). Both present positive solutions that not only empower people, save them money, and make them healthier, they strengthen the health and resiliency of entire communities. Visible, real changes have sprung from both, for which I’m grateful.

    In contrast, the coming triple tsunami of peak oil, climate change and the collapse of our financial system are all predicaments that I’m not sure there are solutions for, only triage and mitigating strategies–especially since our denial is so strong we will not address any of them until a crisis is at hand. When I really want to get depressed, I think about half of all species going extinct over the next fifty years and billions of people dying of starvation, horrors that at this point seem quite likely and that, for the life of me, I am powerless to prevent.

  • In fact, according to the city’s own numbers, very few cyclists die on the streets of San Francisco—an average of 1.8 per year over the last 10 years.

  • Rob, who are you talking to? Or do you just like quoting your own blog so much that you’ll jump in wherever and whenever to shine a light on our dim world?

  • “…the unnecessary deaths that happen every day on our streets is a mind-churning and gut-wrenching experience. How do you guys handle it? I’m thinking I might have to stop reading SB for awhile because it is just too upsetting most of the time. Am I just thin-skinned? Do any of you other folks feel this way?”

    There are only seven comments on this thread, Mike. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out. I cite my blog post because it’s based on the city’s collision report. I know you hate to read what I write, but this is a common theme from the bike people, that there’s some kind of bloodbath taking place on our streets. It simply isn’t true, and it’s irresponsible to encourage the notion that it is.

  • 3 people died today from an underage kid driving a car.

    And you look at life so black and white Rob. As someone who walks and bikes the streets, I am intimidated daily by vehicles. Intimidation that keeps people off certain streets and stressed on most. This counts as a daily attack on any travel that isn’t made with a vehicle.

    And people getting run down in Santa Rosa and the East Bay and San Jose effect us just the same as someone getting hurt in San Francisco. I think that is what Justin was alluding to. That is why I questioned your quoting of San Francisco stats.

  • From a recent streetsblog post:

    SF was recently chalking up over 800 pedestrian injury collisions per year. I wouldn’t be surprised if that works out to enough blood spilt to fill a bathtub!


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