Today’s Headlines

  • Fremont Police Ask for Help Locating Driver in Hit-and-Run That Killed 83-year-old (KTVU)
  • Girl on Bicycle Struck by SUV Driver Outside Rocklin School (KCRA)
  • J-Church Train Derails Near Balboa Station Causing Hours of Delays (SF Examiner)
  • Transbay Blog Tackles the Issue of Prop 26 and Its Potential Effect on Transportation Funding
  • Critics Question Governor Schwarzenegger’s Environmental “Legacy” (Capitol Weekly)
  • Peninsula Cities ID Road Projects That Could See Vehicle License Fee $$ (SF Examiner)
  • EPA Goes After Caltrans for Water Pollution from Road Construction (SF Gate)
  • Caltrain Grade Separation Project Set to Begin in San Bruno (Daily Journal)
  • Uptown Tenderloin Group Produces New Walking Map for Geary-O’Farrell (Beyond Chron)
  • Look at This Face and Tell Me Why Our Streets Shouldn’t Be Calmed (Change Your Life, Ride a Bike)

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  • Re Caltrain San Bruno:

    ““Caltrain is not going to build anything without being ready for high-speed rail,” Dunn said.”

    They just finished Burlingame station upgrades (really really nice upgrades) not more then a year ago. It is also at grade which means it will have to be torn up once construction starts on HSR.

  • Here is an interesting read. Interview with James Howard Kunstler by

  • Re Caltrain San Bruno:

    Caltrain’s staff and spokesdroid are lying. Lying deliberately, egregiously, systematically and knowingly.

    They’re defrauding the public of a couple hundred million of their tax dollars, for a quite literally insane project that will hobble train service and is known to be incompatible with all real future transportation service needs.

    for just the tip of this iceberg of fiscal ordure, rank unprofessionalism and total inability to plan for anything but maximal expenditure and minimum benefit.

    It’s not just money down the crapper: it’s money wasted to erect something they know is wrong and that would need to be bulldozed and done over to even begin to be compatible with useful Caltrain service, let alone with HSR.

    The agency needs to be put out of our misery, and everybody who has “designed”, worked on, shillled for, sought out earmarks for, approved or acquiesced in this latest negative-utility public-private wealth transfer catastrophe needs to be lined up against a wall and … unemployed rapidly.

    The only things that this project is “compatible” with are the levels of technical skill, dedication to public benefit, fiscal oversight, and foresight with which our local and regional agencies habitually operate.

  • A little less space for pedestrians via AT&T.

  • Jeffrey W. Baker

    There’s no reason why AT&T needs to put those equipment cabinets out on the street. When I lived on Guerrero, they installed their fiber equipment on an otherwise-useless second story wall facing the light well beside my house. That seemed like the perfect solution to me. Of course our sidewalk was all of about 20 inches wide so perhaps they were forced into it.