Today’s Headlines

  • San Jose Woman Dies After Crashing Car into Pole; 3-year-old Son Injured (Merc)
  • Unlicensed Marin Driver Pleads Guilty in Hit-and-Run of Bicyclist (Marin IJ)
  • DMV Taking Longer to Process New Drivers Licenses, Renewals (Roadshow)
  • Republican Socal Congressman Tries to Undermine Ca. HSR Plans (Infrastructurist)
  • Richmond Confidential via Bay Citizen: “Richmond Mayor’s Green Dream Still Distant”
  • SF Public Press: “Treasure Island Building Plans Draw Fire”
  • To Relieve Bike Congestion, Copenhagen Will Build Bicycle Highways (AFP via Sblog NY)
  • More Commuters are Cycling to Work (NPR)
  • Writer Andrew Lam Shares His Muni Tales (Muni Diaries)
  • Mission Loc@l Delves “Inside the World According to Eric Fischer”

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  • Starting tomorrow (Dec 1), Caltrain will no long have a grace period on monthly passes. Remember to buy your new pass today and DON’T FORGET to tag on/off with your Clipper if you have a monthly.

    I’d love to hear the reasoning behind this.

  • Last sentence of the Marin IJ article on the hit-and-run/ cyclist in crosswalk event — something to the effect that the cyclist “was not charged for the apparent crosswalk violation,” I’m guessing they are talking about riding your bike through a crosswalk. But this is legal right, in CA? Not just on the Fell bike path?

    PS. Road the new separated bike lane on Division today. The soft hit posts are great, but the best part is just not having to watch out for car doors there anymore. Is this the first/only place in the city where some parking spaces were removed to make a separated lane?

  • @mikesonn – they couldn’t get Clipper to figure out how to code in a grace period. It can look at the date, but not the time of day 😉

    Historically the grace period was so that people commuting from stations without agents could ride the train in the AM to their destination that has an agent (historically – peninsula to SF, Palo Alto used to have a staffed station as well) so they could buy their passes on the first. With Clipper, this shouldn’t be as much of an issue.

    I assumed this would start with the phase out of paper passes, glad to know I am wrong and won’t get caught tomorrow (going back to 8 rides for Xmas month)

  • Justin, California Vehicle Code section 21650 has explicitly said since January 1 that it does not prohibit the operation of bicycles along crosswalks but that local ordinances can prohibit it. I don’t see anything at first glance in the San Rafael Code that would prohibit it there either, but maybe it was considered to be prohibited by the pre-2010 Vehicle Code and the reporter still thinks it is?