Walk the Wiggle Tour

December 14, 2010   11:45 am - 1:45 pm
Meet at the Bike Mural, Duboce Avenue at Church Street, behind Safeway.
Set your own: $10 to $40 donation asked.
Required. Email or call Joel Pomerantz: thinkwalks {at} earthlink {dot} org, 415-505-8255. Or leave a comment at http://www.thinkwalks.org/tours/#20101128 Please be sure to include the number of people and the name of the tour!

Before bikes were invented, the popular Wiggle bike route was a foot trail to avoid these same hills. The very latest research on Mission Dolores suggests that it was founded in the Wiggle. Later, the city expanded to fill the valley with houses, but why? And what was there first?

Change the way you see the landscape as we talk about everything from art and bike politics to floods, lakes and native societies. A quintessential mix of Thinkwalks themes.

A flat one mile walk (each way).