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  • SF Citizen ran an interesting article yesterday comparing two city agencies that recently set up new ticket booths: the MTA at Powell and Masonic and rec & parks at the botanical gardens.

    It sounds like SFMTA paid $414,000 each for their ticket booths while rec & parks used a prefab shed that can’t have cost more than a couple thousand, and SFMTA ticket sellers earn five times as much as rec & parks ticket sellers.

    So if we assume that rec & parks got the best possible deal, MTA is overpaying by around 400% on labor and 20,000% on the buildings. I wonder how typical this is of their projects?

  • In other news, our former top cop and new DA shows his commitment to using SFPD resources frivolously in pursuit of often entrapped car thieves:

    I continue to be amazed at the state of policing in this country. Gascon is sold as such a liberal progressive guy…SF just feels over-run by rampant pseudo-identity politics lately in new appointments from Bridges to Lee to Gascon.