Today’s Headlines

  • Oakland Airport Connector Will Suck Millions from BART’s General Fund (The Snitch)
  • “Conflicting Findings” on Bay Bridge Variable Tolls (SF Gate, Coco Times)
  • New Tolls Expected to Raise $129 Million in New Revenue; BART Ridership Up (SF Gate)
  • SFPD Pedestrian Sting Nets Careless Drivers on Grove and Divisadero (The Snitch)
  • New SF Mayor Ed Lee Confirms Steve Kawa Will Remain Chief of Staff (SF Gate)
  • Beyond Chron: “Public Should Back Governor on Redevelopment Cuts”
  • NRDC Blog Praises Oakland’s Sustainability Programs (The Switchboard)
  • More Muck from Chuck: “SF Milks Drivers With Pricey Parking Tickets” (SF Gate)
  • Market Street Railway Wants Historic Streetcar Service to Pier 70: The E-Line
  • SFBC Architectural Ride Offers Bike Tour of Reid Brothers Buildings (Bike About Town)

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

  • Somebody should pie that guy… 😉

  • Re Oakland airport contractor kickback welfare scam: just why exactly can MTC’s Steve “$5 billion Bay Bridge overrun” and BART’s Dorothy Dugger have failed indicted to be indicted yet? The billions of direct public-private transfers engineered by these individuals just keep piling and piling up.

  • Government agencies seem to have succeeded in making Californians oblivious to their inefficiency, corruption and waste. In a land of $414,000 ticket booths, why would anyone bat an eye at spending $500M for 3.5 miles of tram system?

  • I find the term tram demeaning, but in this circumstance, it’s totally merited.