Today’s Headlines

  • Caltrain Budget Scenario Looks Grim (Mercury News, Belmont Patch, Stanford Daily)
  • Solutions to Save Caltrain Discussed at Silicon Valley Summit (City Insider)
  • In a Post-Prop G World, “Changes Loom for Muni Perks” (SF Examiner)
  • Ken Garcia: “Mayoral Hopefuls Had Best Keep Muni On Their Minds”
  • Woman Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries After Being Hit by Muni Train (BCN via SF Appeal)
  • Oakland to Consider TOD Plan for International Boulevard (Oakland Local via Jeff Wood)
  • City Insider: “Phil Ting Hopes Parking Issue Gets Voters Fired Up”
  • European Researchers: Driving Tired Similar to Driving Drunk (Autotopia)
  • Some City Leaders Vow to Defend California’s Redevelopment Agencies (SF Gate)
  • SMART General Manager Resigns (Marin IJ)

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  • Sean H

    Ken Garcia takes MUNI? Its a little early for April Fools.

  • JD

    It is really going to be miserable if Caltrain goes commute hours only. I can’t believe we as citizens tolerate this. We should have had the foresight to increase the gas tax to pay for this long ago (as well as other public transit programs). It blows my mind that the most efficient, cheap, and environmentally-friendly form of transit is being utterly decimated while the Peninsula car drivers just continue polluting and destroying the environment and their own health without having to pay a cent extra (in terms of taxes, not market fluctuations in gas price). The gas tax hasn’t been raised in two decades … ridiculous.

    In the meantime, I don’t understand why we can’t convince the 3 county governments to each pony up $10 million for this year until we get the gas tax (or whatever other source of permanent funding) going. It’s going to hurt *everybody* to have so many more people forced out of Caltrain and into their cars. Are our leaders really this short-sighted?

    I don’t really blame Caltrain for this but the citizens who refuse to pay for the things they want and which make our society better … except Caltrain is culpable for not dealing with this lack of permanent funding long ago, especially in 2008 and 2009 when the financial crisis should have been a warning that this was inevitably coming. They could have pre-empted the problem. Now it’s last minute and everybody is panicking to try and stop it, but it may be too late. Caltrain must take part of the blame on the issue for not having more long-term vision to see this coming. The rest of the blame falls squarely on the county governments and the citizens for not having the vision to see why we must passionately support public transit like Caltrain … *especially* when times are tough economically.

    But what a disaster. Really shows the backwardness of our society ….

  • Giants games will be a nightmare if there’s no Caltrain. There simply aren’t enough parking spaces nor is there the road capacity to handle all the fans. And don’t say “oh take BART” because that’s not always an option on the Peninsula, and as we saw during the parade, easily overloaded.