Today’s Headlines

  • More on Yesterday’s Caltrain Hearing from the Mercury News, Daily Journal
  • Police: Driver Ran Stop Sign Causing N-Judah Crash in Sunset District (SF Examiner)
  • Chronicle Editorial: “Muni Management Failing at Safety”
  • D.C. Airports Board Divided Over SFMTA Chief Nat Ford Taking Top Job (WaPo)
  • Brazilian Prosecutors Seek Jail Time for Driver Who Ran Down CM Cyclists (NPR)
  • Ray LaHood to Speak at BTA Event in Portland (Bike Portland)
  • Bakersfield Californian: “If LA Can Embrace Bicycling, So Can We”
  • Bike Champ Praises NYC Improvements, Urges Cyclists To Follow Rules (WSJ via Sblog NY)
  • Large Group of SFPD Cops on Bikes Spotted in Richmond District (Richmond Blog)
  • League of Calif. Cities Prepared for Court Fight Over Redevelopment Cuts (Sac Bee)

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  • Ain’t this interesting.

    And I fail to see how the CS will bring jobs to Chinatown, unless you don’t count all the closed shops from the construction and the loss of those jobs.

    And I must of missed the press release when the total cost went from $1.6B to $1.7B.

  • Wisconsin will cut spending on bicycle and pedestrian paths.

    “Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposal eliminates the $5 million in gas tax and other transportation revenue that had been dedicated to bike and pedestrian projects in the 2009-’11 budget.”

    “In total, the governor’s transportation budget spends roughly $5.6 billion each year.”

    $5M cut out of $5.6B. Yuup, sounds about right.